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Huizhou KTC Technology’s Photovoltaic Project Is Completed
( Source:KTC   /   Send time:2022-05-23 )

On May 23rd, the 5MWp distributed photovoltaic generation project of Huizhou KTC Technology was completed and began generating power using the roofing of the company's plant buildings from Building 1 to Building 10A. The completion of the project is the embodiment of KTC Technology’s active participation in implementing the national policies of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, fulfilling its social responsibility of environment protection, and promoting the high-quality development of the smart manufacturing industry.

Distributed photovoltaic power stations are installed on the roofs of the plant buildings in Huizhou KTC Technology Industrial Park. The generated energy is for self-use. The surplus will be integrated into State Grid. The estimated generated energy of the first year is 5.5 million kWh, and that of the following 25 years is 126 million kWh.

Sticking to the principle of “green, eco-friendly, and energy-saving,” KTC Technology carries out energy-saving photovoltaic generation transforming projects. In the background of energy conservation, it pushes forward the adjustment of energy structure and energy production, optimizes the structure of energy consumption, reasonably uses clean energy, and takes energy-saving and emissions-reducing measures, increasing the utilization of the land while boosting the green and healthy development of the company, bringing about good social outcomes and economic benefits.

KTC Technology believes in building a green home by fulfilling social responsibility, firmly pursues the national strategic goal of the development of green energy, and strives to realize the harmonious development of the economy and environment. So, we once again call for every staff member to save energy with a low-carbon lifestyle.