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Each development department under R&D center carries out division of labor finely and adopts advanced Product Lifecycle Management system (PLM system) to develop products together. Product Structure Department focuses on appearance, structure design and backlight module; Electric Department targets at LCD TV mainboard, electronic whiteboard, digital signage, LED driver constant current board, tablet PC chip, monitor mainboard, professional display and other hardware development. Software development department develops the software operation system that is applicable to analog TV, digital TV, Internet TV, Android smart TV, 3D TV, electronic whiteboard, digital signage, display screen, monitor and advertisement player and other consumer product that based on the hardware platform developed by the Electric Department. As one of the earliest flat panel display R&D enterprises in China, KTC identifies the trend of technology development, and makes adjustment in R&D direction positively. Further, we build up close technical cooperation and joint development team with many global IC design corporations, like Mstar, Realtek, MPS, MTK, ST, T1, NXP, and ROCKCHIP etc., providing our flat panel display terminal products with technical solutions in the field of audio/video and power supply.