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KTC Medical R&D Department, affiliated to Shenzhen KTC Medical Devices Co., Ltd., specializes in product development and design of full range of medical imaging products, and consists of structure team, hardware team, software team and product team. It mainly focuses on R&D and manufacturing of medical imaging display terminal, and has fully mastered the core technologies, including DICOM correction technology, 16-bit medical image processing technology, 10-megapixel high-resolution image processing technology, seamless image splicing technology and screen splitting technology, DICOM management and independent correction technology, etc., and established a network-based digital video system to help hospitals build digital operating rooms and provide overall solutions and technical support. It provides clients with technical supports for overall solutions, from ID design to structure design, from hardware design to software service, to meet clients’ needs. Its product line has covered the full range of medical imaging products from clinical multi-function to professional diagnosis, digital surgery and remote consultation, bed monitoring, medical all-in-one machine and other innovative display products, which can provide complete and mature solutions for medical imaging informationization. It innovatively develops and expands products in the field of medical beauty and health, such as ultrasonic beauty instrument, electric toothbrush, handheld medical nebulizer, multi-parameter health detector and other medical beauty instrument products.

Through building R&D and manufacturing systems around medical imaging display terminal and medical imaging digitization and informatization over the years, it has obtained SGS ISO13485 medical system certification. It can provide technical services, such as differentiated development and overall solutions and product manufacturing services, creating double value for clients.