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Joint Stock R&D Division is located in R&D Base of the Group Headquarters, Bantian Shenzhen. It consists of Product Department, Structure Department, Optics Department, Electrical Department, TV Software Department, Intelligent Software Department, Intelligent Development Department, Test Department and other functional departments. According to KTC’s R&D strategy of “making mainstream technologies stronger and finer, keeping core technologies ahead, taking the lead in laying out future technologies”, Joint Stock R&D Division specializes in the development of basic platform technologies in the fields of intelligent TV and innovative display, focuses on researches in product structure system, electrical system, software system and optics system, and lays more stress on laying out technical development from the perspectives of display media, backlight source, software and hardware control scheme, application ecology, application scenarios, etc., providing a public technology platform for the Group’s intelligent TV products and innovative display products, undertaking R&D of the Group’s neutral display products and product iterations, and establishing a technology platform for the clients’ differentiated product development service needs. It attaches importance to management of R&D data and product life cycle and builds an internal PLM system to strengthen management of the R&D system. It has been rated as “Shenzhen Engineering Technology Center”, “Shenzhen Industrial Design Center” and “Guangdong Intelligent Flat-panel Display Engineering Technology Research Center”.