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KTC Technology Selected as Shenzhen's Key Cultural Export Enterprise in 2023
( Source:KTC   /   Send time:2024-04-11 )

In March 2024, the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism, and Sports released the list of top cultural export enterprises in Shenzhen for 2023. KTC Technology was included in the list and has been consistently honored with this recognition for several years.

The Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism, and Sports has organized and acknowledged "Shenzhen Key Cultural Export Enterprises" with the goal of assisting Shenzhen's cultural enterprises in expanding into the global market. This initiative aims to promote cultural enterprises to venture abroad and effectively utilize the exemplary and influential role of leading enterprises.

KTC Technology is located in the Longgang Digital Creative Industry Corridor, the first "national-level cultural industry demonstration park" in Shenzhen. It focuses on the R&D, design, production, and manufacturing of intelligent display products and other digital terminals to create a digital creative industry park that integrates design, R&D, intelligent production, innovation and technology, headquarters management, and comprehensive support.

By constantly driving innovation and expanding key application scenarios in the cultural industry, continuously optimizing the digital terminal intelligent ecological chain, and deeply exploring the "cultural, commercial, and traveling life circle", we aim to offer innovative interactions, diverse media formats, and immersive experiences for cultural education, business, tourism, and daily life. This showcases the distinctive allure of KTC's digital cultural equipment and enhances people's diverse cultural experiences.

KTC Technology boasts four prominent cultural enterprises in Longgang District, with KTC Technology being repeatedly recognized as a "Top 100 Cultural Enterprise in Shenzhen" and a "Shenzhen Key Cultural Export Enterprise." This serves as a testament to the all-encompassing prowess and esteemed brand reputation of Shenzhen's cultural industry.

By giving play to the demonstration and driving role of leading enterprises, KTC Technology has implemented the strategy of integrating digital creativity and cultural technology, consolidated the foundation of KTC's digital creative industry, stimulated innovation vitality, provided personalized, diversified and high-quality cultural products and services, enhanced international competitiveness, and made greater contributions to Shenzhen's cultural heights.

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