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National honor: KTC Technology was rated as a national manufacturing individual champion
( Source:KTC   /   Send time:2024-04-09 )

The announcement of the eighth batch of National Manufacturing Single Champion has just been made, with Shenzhen KTC Technology Co., Ltd. (stock code: 001308) emerging as the winner.

A National Manufacturing Single Champion refers to a company that has long focused on a specific segment of the manufacturing product market, leading international production technology or process, and the market share of a single product is at the forefront of the world. It represents the essence and core competitiveness of the manufacturing industry, and is an important force to promote industrial upgrading and enhance international competitiveness.

As one of the leaders in the intelligent display industry, KTC Technology has been deeply engaged in the display industry for 29 years, taking the lead in laying out the ultra-high-definition video display industry track, with an annual output value of more than 10 billion, and has won the top 100 enterprises in China's electronic information industry and the top 100 enterprises in Guangdong's manufacturing industry for many times.

With a focus on display technology, we proudly demonstrate our dominant position in the display industry.

The intelligent interactive tablet, as the flagship product of KTC Technology, has demonstrated immense versatility in various areas such as office and education. Leveraging our strong R&D capabilities, KTC Technology has consistently prioritized technological advancement and quality enhancement. This has resulted in the development of exceptional smart display champion products, solidifying our products' core competitiveness and effectively catering to the ever-evolving and diverse demands of our customers.

By utilizing cutting-edge technology to fulfill our corporate mission of enhancing life through science and technology, we are proactively broadening our range of products in the display industry market. Our focus on innovation is driving the evolution of our products, shifting from a mere increase in quantity to a significant improvement in quality, and ultimately setting the pace for industry growth. Maintaining a strong focus on independent research and development, we continuously innovate in product design, drive systems, interactive systems, and intelligent touch modules, as well as other software and hardware. Our extensive experience and vast collection of experimental data in critical technologies, such as infrared touch technology, capacitive touch technology, dry bonding technology, intelligent writing technology, regional light control technology, and display module backlight technology, have positioned us at the forefront of international and industry standards. By the first half of 2023, KTC Technology had acquired over 1,500 PCT patents, including invention, utility model, and appearance patents, as well as software copyrights and domestic and foreign trademarks. Additionally, the company has taken the lead and participated in numerous national and industry group standards.

Develop a cutting-edge platform to illuminate the entire scene's intelligent display.

The organization boasts several cutting-edge platforms, such as the Guangdong Provincial Research Center for Intelligent Flat Panel Display Engineering Technology, the Guangdong Provincial Research Center for Green UHD Multi-modal Interactive Display Engineering Technology, the Guangdong Provincial Research Center for UHD LCD Backlight Module Engineering Technology, the Guangdong Provincial Industrial Design Center, and the Shenzhen Municipal Research and Development Center. These are supported by an advanced collaborative development management system (PLM) that facilitates collaborative development and ensures a comprehensive R&D management system.

The intelligent interactive tablet has garnered numerous prestigious design awards both domestically and internationally, such as the "Red Dot Design Award" and "Contemporary Good Design Award." These accolades have elevated the product's core competitiveness through its unique features and personalized branding, illuminating the full spectrum of a smart lifestyle through its display terminal.

Utilize the strategic benefits of simultaneously developing and organizing both domestic and international markets.

With the advantages of full-process customized R&D design and flexible manufacturing, KTC Technology has formed a differentiated competitiveness in the industry. Smart interactive tablets are exported to more than 100 countries and regions in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia, etc., establishing a stable sales network and maintaining good cooperative relations with well-known international and domestic enterprises. According to DISCIEN data statistics, in 2023, the company's Intelligent Interactive Tablet shipments ranked first among global manufacturing suppliers.

KTC Technology boasts three prominent private brands: "KTC", "Horion", and "FPD." The smart interactive tablet business adopts the dual development strategy of private brands and service customers, and introduces the private brand "Horion", a smart interactive tablet for conferences. According to RUNTO statistics, in 2023, "Horion" ranked second in the domestic commercial interactive tablet market.

Three self-owned labels (KTC, Horion, and FPD)

Incorporate the principles of green ecology and establish a strong groundwork for the advancement of sustainable manufacturing.

KTC Technology is committed to the principles of energy conservation and carbon reduction, as well as environmentally-friendly construction and management. The company actively implements a range of measures to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions while also integrating the concept of "sustainability" into its total quality management approach. This includes promoting clean production, utilizing clean energy sources, reducing emissions, and implementing energy-saving transformations. KTC Technology also prioritizes the development of green products and strives to build environmentally friendly and high-quality enterprises. Ultimately, the company supports the achievement of the national goal of a green and low-carbon economy.

It has been rated as a "green design demonstration enterprise for industrial products" and a national "green factory" by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China; the smart interactive flat panel product 75W61B-A interactive LCD electronic whiteboard was selected as a "green design product" by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

In addition, KTC Technology has led and participated in national and group related green product industry standards. The national standards "Green Supply Chain Management Specifications for Electronic Information Manufacturing Enterprises" and the group standard "Technical Specifications for Green Design Product Evaluation - Interactive Touch All-in-One Machine, T/Cesa 1125-2020" have been published on the relevant websites of the Research Institute's platform.

KTC Technology has always adhered to the corporate mission of improving life through science and technology, and is committed to the concept of innovation-driven and quality-oriented development. It is committed to the continuous exploration of product research and development, constantly tapping the potential of market segments, striving to improve product quality, and carefully cultivating brand strength to promote high-quality development of enterprises.

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