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In 2023, KTC Technology was honored with the "Outstanding Contribution to Economic Development Award" by the Bantian Subdistrict.
( Source:KTC   /   Send time:2024-04-02 )

On March 27, 2024, the launching ceremony of the Bantian Subdistrict "Benefiting Business Together" series of activities and the "government-enterprise face-to-face" exchange symposium were held at the Bantian Lehui Center.

More than 150 entrepreneurs from the jurisdiction, including Yang Xiaowen, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Longgang District People's Congress, Liu Yuan, Secretary of the Bantian Subdistrict Party Working Committee, and leaders from relevant departments of Longgang District, as well as Ling Bin, Chairman of Kangguan Technology, attended the event.

At the event on the same day, Bantian Subdistrict introduced the main contents of the "Benefiting Business Together" series of activities for enterprises in the jurisdiction, and awarded the "Outstanding Contribution to Economic Development Award" to 80 enterprises in the jurisdiction that performed outstandingly in 2023.

With outstanding achievements in the economic field in 2023, KTC Technology was awarded the "Outstanding Contribution to the Economic Development of Bantian Subdistrict in 2023" by the Bantian Subdistrict Office.

Over the past year, risks have coexisted with opportunities. KTC Technology proactively responds to changes in the environment and business formats, continuously strengthens its core competitiveness through scientific and technological innovation, ecological integration, and joint construction and sharing, and strives to promote high-quality development of enterprises.

KTC Technology plays an active role in enterprise development, expanding into new areas and circuits, and constantly shaping and cultivating new sources of energy and advantages. This contributes greatly to the prosperity and growth of Bantian Subdistrict, unleashing fresh energy and invigorating new vitality to support the high-quality economic development of the area.

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