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KTC Medical 21X5M series 5MP gray-scale medical display was selected as "Shenzhen Innovative Product Promotion and Application Catalog."
( Source:KTC   /   Send time:2024-04-19 )

Recently, the Industry and Information Technology Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality officially announced the "Shenzhen Innovative Product Promotion and Application Catalog (Third Batch in 2023)", and the 21X5M series 5MP gray-scale medical display was successfully selected due to its excellent product performance and innovative technical advantages.

In order to strengthen the function of government procurement policy, support the promotion and application of innovative products of Shenzhen science and technology enterprises, and improve the level of government public management and service, Shenzhen regularly carries out the "Shenzhen Innovative Product Promotion and Application Catalog" innovation product selection work.

The 21X5M Series 5MP Grayscale Medical Display boasts exceptional performance and is specifically crafted for medical settings. Its impressive grayscale resolution, monochrome processing, and high performance ensure accurate and precise image quality. This display is the ultimate tool for doctors, providing them with a stable and reliable diagnostic foundation that is both clear and precise.

By utilizing a free layout and providing ample visual space, this tool aids doctors in achieving the most accurate clinical diagnosis and treatment for their patients. It allows for the simultaneous display of various examination images, including CT and MR scans in a tiled format, facilitating easy comparison. This feature also enables medical staff to view and compare both new and old scan images simultaneously, greatly enhancing their diagnostic efficiency. The product is primarily utilized in conjunction with digital mammary machines, with the resulting X-ray images being presented to esteemed medical professionals as the foundation for breast cancer screening or diagnosis.

Being included in the Shenzhen Innovative Product Promotion and Application Catalog not only affirms the company's innovative capabilities, but also serves as motivation for ongoing product innovation and research.

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