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In 2023, KTC was the recipient of numerous prestigious awards, including "Shenzhen Boutique Enterprise," "Trustworthy Product," and "Advanced Unit for Intellectual Property Protection."
( Source:KTC   /   Send time:2024-01-24 )

On January 19, 2024, the Shenzhen Computer Industry Association held the 2023 Annual Membership Conference and Summit Forum, and released the lists of "Shenzhen Boutique Enterprises", "Shenzhen Boutique Products", "Trustworthy Products", and "Advanced Units for Intellectual Property Protection".

In the event, KTC Technology was awarded the "5A Shenzhen Boutique Enterprise". Additionally, their product "KTC e-sports display" received the "4A Shenzhen Boutique" award, while their "FPD smart screen display beauty mirror" was recognized as a "4A trustworthy product" and received other prestigious accolades.

KTC Technology is committed to its corporate mission of "enhancing life through science and technology". Leveraging its extensive technical expertise and industrial chain advantages in the realm of intelligent manufacturing displays, the company employs cutting-edge technology and design, meticulous quality control, and advanced intelligent manufacturing to deliver unparalleled value to users' home entertainment experience. This results in the creation of top-of-the-line products that elevate the overall quality of life.

The event also revealed the winners of the "2023 Enterprise Intellectual Property Protection Work Evaluation", with KTC Technology and KTC Commercial being recognized as the "Advanced Unit for Intellectual Property Protection".

KTC attaches importance to the work of intellectual property protection, not only formulates a forward-looking intellectual property strategic plan, but also builds an intellectual property management system, improves the intellectual property protection mechanism at different levels, and improves the management level of intellectual property rights in an all-round way from the creation, application and management of intellectual property rights.

KTC Technology always focuses on customer needs, continuously carries out technological research and development and innovation, continuously improves enterprise management and product systems, enhances the core competitiveness of enterprises, provides customers with excellent intelligent display products and solutions, and assists enterprises in their high-quality development.

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