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Craftsmanship Building Dreams KTC Commercial won the title of the 8th "Shenzhen Craftsman Cultivation Demonstration Unit"
( Source:KTC   /   Send time:2024-02-29 )

The Shenzhen Baiyou Craftsmen Expert Appraisal Committee and the Shenzhen Federation of Industry have recently announced the appraisal results for the 8th "Shenzhen Baiyou Craftsmen" and "Shenzhen Craftsmen Cultivation Demonstration Unit." KTC Commercial was honored with the title of "the 8th Shenzhen Craftsmen Cultivation Demonstration Unit."

KTC Commercial has always paid attention to the construction of talent echelon and talent training. By prioritizing the development of our talent team, we will implement a talent-first strategy that includes creating training systems and career paths, offering opportunities for ongoing learning and growth, and enhancing the professional competitiveness of our employees. This will not only help to stimulate the company's vitality, but also provide a strong foundation of talent for our long-term development.

By promoting the values of "craftsmanship" and "engineer culture", KTC Commercial has successfully cultivated a positive learning environment and established a dynamic system of "old and new". This has been achieved through a variety of initiatives, including mentorship programs, outstanding engineer and manager plans, as well as the integration of new flagship programs, internal trainers, interest groups, and external training opportunities. These internal and external training systems work together to create a comprehensive and effective approach to learning.

By incorporating the tracking feedback mechanism, we aim to consistently engage, support, inspire, and enhance the skills of our talented individuals. We strive to create opportunities for them to excel and maximize their career growth, ultimately enabling our employees to achieve exponential career success. The company boasts numerous exceptional employees who have been honored with the prestigious titles of "Shenzhen High-Level Talent", "Shenzhen Longgang Talent", and "Shenzhen Baiyou Craftsman."

KTC Commercial will continue to adhere to and carry forward the craftsmanship spirit of "excellence and courage to break through", adhere to the corporate mission of "improving life with science and technology", increase efforts in craftsmanship training and professional talent team building, provide broader development space and incentives, build a high-quality, high-efficiency and highly skilled talent team for the company, and promote high-quality development of the enterprise with ingenuity.

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