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Green Development Huizhou KTC won the Zhongkai High-tech Zone Pollution Reduction and Carbon Reduction Demonstration Award
( Source:KTC   /   Send time:2024-03-11 )

On March 8, Zhongkai High-tech Zone held the 2023 Zhongkai High-tech Zone Excellent Enterprise Commendation Conference. At the meeting, Zhongkai High-tech Zone announced various honorary awards and awarded honorary plaques. Huizhou KTC adheres to the concept of energy-saving, carbon reduction and eco-friendly environmental construction and management, implements various energy-saving and carbon reduction measures, and won the "Pollution Reduction and Carbon Reduction Demonstration" Award in Zhongkai High-tech Zone.

1. Adhere to the top-level design and build a solid foundation for green and low-carbon development

As the main force of green development, Huizhou KTC practiced the concept of green development throughout the whole process of production and operation activities, integrating "sustainability" with total quality management, and on the basis of improving the construction of the "green design, green manufacturing" system, promoting clean production, clean energy, clean emissions, and energy conservation transformation, building environmentally friendly and quality-effective enterprises, and supporting the realization of the national green dual-carbon goal. In late 2023, Huizhou KTC won the national "green factory" title.

Adhere to green sustainability, adhere to reform and innovation, fulfill public responsibilities such as energy conservation and environmental protection, resource consumption, and low-carbon development, and adopt green production management plans to continue to promote green development.

2. Driven by digital innovation, establish a whole ecological green management concept

Huizhou KTC pays attention to the integration and management of the two, has a complete management system such as PDM, ERP, CRM, SCM, MES, etc. According to the existing resource information, it generates a selectable multi-process route to improve the simplicity of process selection, so as to save energy, reduce consumption, reduce process costs and pollution treatment costs.

It implemented and embraced a top-notch management system to enhance the quality and environmental safeguards, encompassing ISO50001 energy management, ISO9001 quality assurance, ISO14001 environmental protection, RBA responsible business alliance, SGS ESD electrostatic protection, hazardous substances process management, and more, in order to deliver and distribute products that meet the expectations of our valued customers.

3. Pay attention to energy conservation and consumption reduction, and build environmentally friendly enterprises

Huizhou KTC makes full use of renewable energy, builds distributed photovoltaics through the construction of idle roofs in factories, builds photovoltaic power generation and solar water heating systems, and cultivates the long-term competitiveness of enterprises through green and low-carbon internal growth power.

The average annual power generation capacity of photovoltaic power generation exceeds 8.5 million kwh. It is connected to the grid by "spontaneous use and surplus power grid" to optimize the energy consumption structure and implement the scientific use of clean energy and energy conservation and emission reduction. It has good social and economic benefits.

The park has a central air-conditioning water storage project that leverages the price difference between peak, off-peak, and average periods to lower the overall operation rate of the air-conditioning unit. This results in improved energy utilization efficiency, balanced grid load, reduced power distribution investment, and ultimately lower operating costs. This approach promotes sustainable development for the enterprise.

Looking forward to the future, Huizhou KTC will continue to play a leading role in the demonstration of "green factories", actively respond to and implement the national "carbon peak and carbon neutrality" policy, improve intelligent manufacturing capabilities, build a green supply chain in coordination with the industrial chain, help the green development of the intelligent display industry, fulfill its social responsibility of protecting the ecological environment, and continue to promote high-quality development of the industrial chain with scientific and technological innovation to "reduce carbon" in the industry and empower development.

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