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Huizhou KTC Technology holds the 2022 First-Quarter Inspectors Assessment
( Source:KTC   /   Send time:2022-05-13 )

Quality inspection determines quality control. The former includes quality discrimination, check, problem prevention, report, and supervision, which are closely connected with quality control. Quality inspection plays a key role in the finding, shaping, and realization of product quality. To constantly improve the quality awareness of the staff and the inspection skills of the inspectors, to motivate the inspectors to work and learn, Huizhou KTC Technology held the 2022 First-Quarter Inspectors Assessment in April, when everything is full of vitality.

The IQCs, IPQCs, and OQCs of Huinan Quality Control Department’s every section and the QCs of the production departments took part in the assessment. The inspectors were assessed in terms of products, inspection programs, judging standards, inspection tools, and problem handling. Outstanding inspectors were selected according to the scoring rules.

During the assessment, the inspectors did their best and remained calm and meticulous while bringing their inspection skills to full play. They showed what professional inspectors were like and demonstrated KTC Technology’s spirit of “respectful, dedicated, hard-working, and innovative.”

The assessment was followed by an award ceremony hosted by Manager TuGuoping. Vice General Managers Chu Fengshou and Liu Sanyuan praised the inspectors for their excellent performance, expressed their high expectations of them, and stressed that quality is the cornerstone of our company.

The assessment improved the inspectors’ skills, better familiarized them with the products and quality control procedures, helped to perfect future training and assessment systems and create an atmosphere valuing quality control, boosted KTC Technology’s quality cultural construction, and contributed to the production of fine products.