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KTC Rolls out Training on Patent Knowledge
( Source:KTC   /   Send time:2021-04-13 )

On the afternoon of April 13, in order to widely communicate patent knowledge, enhance employees' innovative awareness and promote the continuous development of the company's patent work, the Legal Department of Shenzhen KTC Technology Co., Ltd. (KTC) invited a senior patent attorney to provide on-site training entitled "Introduction to Patent Knowledge and Preparation of Technology Disclosure Form" for relevant personnel from the R&D Department.

The patent trainer intensively explained such aspects as the global situation of intellectual property rights (IPR), basic IPR knowledge, search and infringement determination, and IPR work promotion, introduced the types and characteristics of patents, the protection scope for each type of patent and the key points in applying for a patent, and provided detailed guidance on the preparation of the technical disclosure form used for patent application.

During the training process, the patent trainer specifically described the importance of IPR protection and the key points in advancing the IPR work through vivid cases. In addition, the teacher also conducted fabulous interactions with many KTC employees participating in the training and answered their questions related to patent application and authorization one by one.

Thanks to this training, employees have had a better understanding of basic patent knowledge and paid more attention to applying for patents. The training is also helpful for the company to strengthen IPR protection, inject vigor into business innovation and contribute more to technological innovation.

Always adhering to a strategy of innovative development, KTC encourages employees to conduct independent innovation and protect innovative achievements by mastering patent application skills. In the future, KTC will continue to intensify its efforts in offering intellectual property knowledge training to its employees, attach importance to innovation-driven development and provide strong support for its technological progress and product renewal.