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KTC 2017 Summer Camp For Staffs’ Children Successfully End
( Source:KTC   /   Send time:2017-08-01 )

In order to enrich the summer life of KTC staffs’ children,and have a rich and meaningful summer holiday,KTC organized a funny summer camp activity on July 29,leading more than 130 staffs’ children to visit pastoral landscape in Guanlan, Shenzhen.

Guanlan pastoral landscape is national AAAA level tourist spot,gathering Lingnan hakka style of watery land,ecological pastoral,folk culture, national painting industry. After arrived this so called “Heaven”,KTC 2017 annual summer camp for staffs’ children began officially.

This summer camp activity includes exciting games in amusement park,funny animal show, natural education,quality development ,which not only enrich the summer camp and also have profound significance. During activities,these children played happily and laugh heartily,carefully listen to the teacher's explanation,and actively observe, think and make records; In the process of quality development,they cooperate with each other, unite as one to complete the task. When darkness fall,they are reluctant to back to the bus,but their sweet laughter and hard sweat remain on the rural landscape.

Through the summer camp, children learn in a beautiful and pleasant environment,where they can relax their body and mind,and enhance their practical ability and creativity. Quality development help them to learn collaboration and competitive. Children grow up happily in the summer camp activities, looking forward to next year's summer camp be more rich and meaningful.

KTC 2017 Summer Camp For Staffs’ Children Successfully End