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KTC Three Employees in HuiZhou Factory Won ZhongKai "Excellent Technician" Title
( Source:KTC   /   Send time:2016-08-12 )

On August 4, 2016, HuiZhou ZhongKai (national level) high-tech talents work leading group office published 2016 "kai Xuan Talent Project" selected list. Among them,Pan Ping-Ping ,Wang Xin,Ou Jianfeng from KTC HuiZhou factory won the honorary title of "Excellent Technician" smoothly .


Since 2015, "Kai Xuan Talent Project" six big projects have been carried forward smoothly. Among them,"Excellent Technician" belongs to the technical talents million project. After mobilization registration,qualification examination, comprehensive investigation, expert review and meeting voting and other procedures,review affirmation work has completed preliminarily and has produced shortlist. All winners are technical experts, technical backbone working in the frontline position,who have excellent performance in their own technical position.


As a science and technology innovative enterprise,our company has been persevering and sparing no effort to approval talents cultivation, high-level talented person. We hope every employee follow their example, improve their professional skills and strengthen the comprehensive quality, glowing in their jobs and growing together with the company as well as making contributions to society!