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Huizhou KTC passed the on-site audit of "China Environmental Labelling Program (CELP)"
( Source:KTC   /   Send time:2024-01-04 )

On December 27-28, 2023, Huizhou KTC Technology Co., Ltd. passed the annual audit of China Environmental Labelling Product Certification by China Environmental United Certification Co., Ltd., as well as the on-site audit of CELP.

CELP, also known as the "Attestation of Chinese Environment Mark," stands as the most authoritative certification for green and environmentally friendly products in China. It signifies the official acknowledgment of a product's quality and environmental performance, serving as a distinctive "certification trademark" displayed on the product or its packaging. It signifies that the product not only meets quality standards but also complies with specific environmental requirements. In comparison to similar products, it boasts environmental advantages, including low toxicity, minimal harm, and the conservation of resources and energy.

China Environmental United Certification Co., Ltd., under the Ministry of Ecology and Environment and approved by the Certification and Accreditation Administration, holds the distinction of being the sole national comprehensive certification body in China. It serves as the authoritative institution for certifying green products, granting the exclusive ability to confer the environmental label on products. CEC also stands as the sole certification organization representing China's certification sector in international collaborations.

China Environmental United Certification Co., Ltd. not only engages in collaborations with countries across the globe but has also fostered strong relationships and garnered extensive recognition from various international organizations. These include the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN), Social Accountability International (SAI), Global Environment Database (GED), and others.

Guided by the principles of sustainable development, KTC has consistently emphasized green design, with a focus on a low-carbon economy as its developmental orientation. The company upholds the "three lows and three highs" principles, promoting low energy consumption, low pollution, and low emissions, while prioritizing high efficiency, high productivity, and high benefits. KTC seamlessly incorporates a green supply chain management system into its innovative design, research and development, and production processes. Through various means such as institutional innovation, technological advancements, and environmentally friendly energy practices, the company realizes a comprehensive green transformation across the entire lifecycle of research, development, production, operation, and management.

The approval of this audit not only serves as a high-level recognition of the green quality of Kangguan's products by authoritative bodies but also stands as a tangible outcome of Kangguan's steadfast dedication to sustainable production practices. KTC will continue to strengthen its holistic lifecycle approach, adhering to green design principles for ultra-high-definition video display products. This commitment aims to propel the green development of the intelligent display industry, contributing to China's achievement of double carbon goals and sustainable development.

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