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National Honors! Huizhou KTC won the title of national "Green Factory"!
( Source:KTC   /   Send time:2024-01-08 )

In a recent announcement, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology officially unveiled the list of Green Manufacturing for the year 2023. Huizhou KTC Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Huizhou KTC") secured a position on the list, earning the prestigious national-level title of "Green Factory."

The title of "National Green Factory" is an authoritative recognition granted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in line with the implementation of the "14th Five-Year Plan for Green Development in Industry" and the "Implementation Plan for Carbon Peaking in the Industrial Sector." This designation is specifically intended for enterprises that align with the principles of "green development." The objective is to improve green manufacturing and service systems consistently, drive sustainable development in the industry, and contribute to the goals of carbon peaking and neutrality in the industrial sector.

Huizhou KTC has adopted the principles of Green Factory in both design and management. Focusing on "green applications," "green energy," and "green products," the company has seamlessly integrated a green management system into its research and development, as well as production processes. Through various means such as institutional innovation, technological advancements, and environmentally friendly energy practices, Huizhou KTC has successfully achieved a comprehensive greening of its entire research, production, operation, and management processes. This effort has resulted in improved energy usage efficiency and the manufacturing of energy-efficient, low-carbon products.

"Green applications," implementing a holistic ecological green management approach

Huizhou KTC places a strong emphasis on the integration of informatization and industrialization. The company has well-established management systems, including PDM, ERP, CRM, SCM, MES, and others. Using existing resource information, the company generates multiple selectable process routes to simplify the process selection, ultimately leading to energy savings, reduced consumption, and decreased costs associated with processes and pollution treatment.

We have implemented a top-notch management system, strengthening both quality and environmental protection aspects. This includes the ISO 50001 Energy Management System, ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), SGS ESD Electrostatic Discharge Protection System, and Hazardous Substances Process Management.

Following the principles of "low energy consumption, low pollution, low emissions, high efficiency, high productivity, and high benefits," we rigorously adhere to the green and low-carbon development strategies in our production operations. By the end of 2019, we achieved the voluntary clean production enterprise acceptance in Huizhou City, earning the distinguished title of "Clean Production" enterprise.

"Green Energy," building a renewable energy matrix

Huizhou KTC upholds the principles of "green, environmental protection, and energy conservation." It maximizes the utilization of renewable energy by implementing distributed photovoltaic systems on the idle roofs of the factory, thereby establishing both photovoltaic power generation and solar hot water systems.

Huizhou KTC achieves an annual average electricity generation exceeding 6 million kWh through photovoltaic power generation. This tangible effort in the utilization of clean energy, energy conservation, and emission reduction is put into practice. The grid connection is established through a "self-consumption with surplus electricity feeding into the grid" approach, resulting in notable social and economic benefits.

The park is equipped with a central air conditioning water storage and cooling project, leveraging the electricity price differences during peak, off-peak, and normal hours. This strategy reduces the overall operation rate of the air conditioning system, improves energy utilization efficiency, and promotes energy conservation and environmental protection. Additionally, it helps balance the grid load and reduces distribution investment, ultimately lowering operational costs and fostering the sustainable development of the enterprise.

"Green Products," creating environmentally friendly products

As a company holding the Huizhou City Engineering Technology Research and Development Center and a municipal-level Enterprise Technology Center, Huizhou KTC prioritizes green product design. The company thoroughly considers the ecological and environmental impact of its products, resulting in a substantial decrease in resource utilization, energy consumption, and environmental pollution throughout the entire product lifecycle.

In December 2023, Huizhou KTC achieved success in both the annual and on-site audits for the CELP. This not only marks the authoritative recognition of  KTC's products for their green quality by regulatory bodies but also showcases the tangible outcomes of  KTC's steadfast commitment to green production.

Furthermore, KTC has actively participated in or led the development of national and industry-specific standards in the field of green products. The national standard "Green Supply Chain Management Specification for Electronic Information Manufacturing Enterprises" and the industry standard "Technical Specification for Green Design Product Evaluation - Interactive Touch All-in-One Machine (T/CESA 1125—2020)," in which KTC played a role, have been officially released on relevant websites.

In 2021, the KTC Commercial R&D Center received recognition as the "Guangdong Province Green Ultra HD Multi-Modal Interactive Display Engineering and Technology Research Center." In 2022, the KTC Commercial 75W61B-A Interactive LCD Whiteboard was designated as a green design product by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Looking into the future, Huizhou KTC will persistently serve as a guiding force in the "Green Factory" initiative. The company will actively respond to and implement the national policies of "carbon peaking" and "carbon neutrality," enhancing its capabilities in intelligent manufacturing. This commitment is geared towards supporting the green development of the intelligent display industry, fulfilling its social responsibility in ecological environmental protection, and contributing to high-quality development.

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