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Huizhou KTC won the Top 30 Comprehensive Strength of Huizhou Electronic Information Manufacturing Industry
( Source:KTC   /   Send time:2023-12-11 )

On December 6, the 2023 Annual Meeting of the Municipal Electronic Information Industry Association was held under the theme of "'Huizhou' Gathering Electronics and Move Forward", and Wen Jinrong, deputy secretary of Huizhou Municipal Party Committee and mayor of Huizhou, attended and delivered a speech. At the event, the list of the Top 30 Comprehensive Strength of Huizhou Electronic Information Manufacturing Industry was announced, and Huizhou KTC Technology Co., Ltd. was selected.

Being selected in the Top 30 Comprehensive Strength of Huizhou Electronic Information Manufacturing Industry is not only a recognition of Huizhou KTC's research and development capabilities and manufacturing strength but also an affirmation of Huizhou KTC's continuous and thriving development.

Huizhou KTC possesses the Guangdong Province Ultra High Definition LCD Display Backlight Module Engineering Technology Research Center. Through independent innovation, the company has accumulated rich experience in various aspects of software and hardware application development, including product design, backlight display modules, and intelligent touch modules. This expertise is beneficial for improving production efficiency, ensuring stable manufacturing quality, reducing operational costs, and empowering the overall development of the company.

In addition, Huizhou KTC actively engages in industry technical collaborations, promotes collaborative innovation between industry, academia, and research, and nurtures innovative talents within the industry. The company contributes to breaking through key common technologies that constrain industrial development and supporting the development of strategic industrial clusters. For these contributions, Huizhou KTC has been recognized and awarded as the "Talent Cultivation and Employment Demonstration Base" in the Huizhou Zhongkai High-tech Zone.

As the third Customs AEO senior certified enterprise within the KTC Technology umbrella, Huizhou KTC maximizes the benefits derived from its Customs AEO certification to extend product exports, broaden its presence in foreign markets, reinforce international marketing efforts, and bolster its global competitiveness and influence.

In anticipation of the future, Huizhou KTC is proactively seizing development opportunities, intensifying its commitment to independent innovation, and elevating its core competitiveness. The company is dedicated to delivering premium intelligent display products and service solutions to its customers, contributing to the establishment of a trillion-level electronic information industry cluster in Huizhou. Together, they aim to co-author a new chapter in high-quality development for the new era.

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