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KTC Technology's "KTC Customizable Screen" won the "Technology Innovation Award" of China Video Industry Association in 2023
( Source:KTC   /   Send time:2023-12-19 )

On December 6, 2023, the 19th China Audio and Video Industry Forum (AVF) and "Technology Innovation Award" ceremony hosted by China Video Industry Association took place grandly in Beijing. At the event, KTC Technology's "KTC Customizable Screen" won the "2023 Technology Innovation Award-Innovative Product Award."  

The China Video Industry Association presented the most authoritative national recognition program in the audio and video field, the "Technology Innovation Award." This award acknowledges the significant contributions made by businesses and individuals in advancing the industry's development. It stands as the sole recognition program in the audio and video sector recorded by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China, representing the industry's highest honor. The primary goal is to encourage audio and video enterprises to boost their competitiveness through independent innovation, fostering scientific development and progress.

As per the "2023 Top Ten Trends in Home Life Consumption" report unveiled by Xiaohongshu, "customizable mobile home" has emerged as one of the prominent trends in home life consumption. Mobile home solutions allow spaces to adapt to different scenarios, achieving the ultimate level of "customized to one's preferences." The introduction of mobile smart screens takes into full consideration the increasingly diverse usage scenarios in contemporary households. These screens offer higher flexibility and greater convenience to meet the evolving needs of modern families.

The KTC Customizable Screen stands out as one of the pioneering mobile screen products in the Chinese market. It provides users with a more convenient and intelligent approach to video and audio consumption, contributing to an enhanced happiness index. Packed with features such as extended battery life, multi-end screen casting, screen rotation, and portability, it offers a comprehensive and versatile user experience. The base is equipped with a high-capacity battery and silent swivel wheels, enabling "wireless" usage "anywhere, anytime."

The KTC Customizable Screen features a dome base stand fitted with swivel wheels, ensuring a seamless and smooth mobile experience. It can be effortlessly moved to any position by pushing the wheels, offering flexibility and convenience. The screen is adjustable with a 20° tilt, a 20cm height adjustment, and a 45° horizontal rotation, along with a 90° vertical rotation. Users can interact with the application either through a remote control or by directly touching the screen.

Additionally, the KTC Customizable Screen has been awarded the 2023 German Red Dot Design Award for its rounded and elegant design, minimalist ultra-thin profile, refined metal accents, and the incorporation of a practical and convenient design philosophy.

In the future, KTC Technology will persist in scientific and technological research and development, fostering innovative product applications, and delivering superior-quality and diverse display terminal products and solutions. This commitment aims to fulfill users' aspirations for a new generation of high-quality audio-visual experiences, ultimately creating a more intelligent and improved life for users.

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