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KTC Technology was selected as a Shenzhen Trade-oriented Headquarters Enterprise
( Source:KTC   /   Send time:2023-12-06 )

On December 5, the list of Shenzhen’s 2023 trade-oriented headquarters enterprises (second batch) was officially announced on the website of the Commerce Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality. KTC Technology was selected as Shenzhen Trade-oriented Headquarters Enterprise.

"Shenzhen Trade-oriented Headquarters Enterprises" refers to the headquarters institutions set up in Shenzhen by domestic and foreign companies with single or comprehensive trade functions, such as procurement, distribution, marketing, settlement, logistics, etc. This category encompasses traditional trading enterprises as well as those leveraging the Internet and other information technologies for transaction matching or providing supporting facilities through a service platform trading enterprise.

The cultivation of acknowledged trade-oriented headquarters enterprises will play a crucial role in advancing Shenzhen's high-level opening to the outside world. It will contribute to the augmentation of trade concentration and influence, foster the integrated development of both domestic and foreign trade, strengthen the capability to allocate global resource factors, and establish key points for the intersection of domestic and international dual cycles in the Greater Bay Area. This initiative holds great significance for the overall economic development and global positioning of Shenzhen.

KTC Technology, headquartered in Shenzhen and oriented globally, upholds the business philosophy of "integrity management, emphasizing quality and service”. The company is dedicated to delivering high-quality intelligent display terminal products and service solutions to customers. KTC Technology has established collaborative partnerships with renowned domestic and international brand customers, as well as local leading brands in various regional markets, maintaining strong and positive relationships with its customers.

KTC Technology is proactively establishing overseas operation platforms by setting up subsidiaries and offices abroad. The company is committed to enriching its overseas experience, fostering connections with a broader range of overseas resources. This strategic approach aims to create a comprehensive, omni-channel, diversified, and three-dimensional global operational network. The goal is to effectively meet the global terminal consumption and procurement needs of customers worldwide. In the global market, KTC Technology exports smart display terminal products to over 100 countries and regions, spanning North and South America, Europe, Africa, Australia, and Asia.

With 28 years of steadfast development, KTC Technology has evolved into one of the foremost companies in the smart display industry. Leveraging independent full-process software and hardware customized R&D design, along with flexible production and manufacturing capabilities, KTC Technology is consistently deepening comprehensive cooperation between content ecology and industry ecology. This strategic approach aims to enhance the industrial chain layout and fortify product competitiveness.

According to DISCIEN data statistics, in the first half of 2023, the company's Intelligent Interactive Tablet shipments ranked first among global manufacturing suppliers. According to RUNTO statistics, in the first half of 2023, the Company's smart TV ranked fifth globally in terms of shipments among manufacturing suppliers.

KTC Technology has achieved recognition through various accolades, including being honored as a "Specialized and Sophisticated Small Giant That Produces New and Unique Products", a "China Customs Advanced Certification Enterprise", a "Guangdong Province Manufacturing Single Champion Product Enterprise", a "Shenzhen Headquarters Enterprise”, a "Shenzhen Key Cultural Export Enterprise”, and one of the "Top Ten Import and Export Enterprises in Longgang District”. Additionally, the company has been acknowledged as one of the "Top Ten Color TV Export Enterprises”, among other notable titles.

Anticipating the future, KTC Technology aims to strengthen its role as a trading headquarters enterprise, boosting independent research and development capabilities. The company is committed to expediting the execution of globalization strategies, contributing to the high-quality development of trade in Shenzhen. With these efforts, KTC Technology aspires to foster a robust trade city with increased international influence.

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