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KTC Technology won the title of "2023 High-Quality Development Leading Enterprise"
( Source:KTC   /   Send time:2023-12-01 )

On the afternoon of November 28, under the guidance of the Shenzhen Federation of Industry & Commerce (General Chamber of Commerce), the 4th High-quality Development hosted by the Shenzhen Enterprise High-Quality Development Promotion Association and the Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen) Shenzhen High-Quality Development and New Structure Research Institute The summit forum and the 2023 High-Quality Development Leading Enterprises and Leaders Award Ceremony were held at the St. Regis Hotel Shenzhen. At the meeting, KTC Technology was awarded the "2023 High-Quality Development Leading Enterprise".

This year's selection event places a spotlight on key industries that drive high-quality development. Through a comprehensive evaluation process, the aim is to identify a cohort of companies with significant development potential, market competitiveness, and brand influence. The focus is on entities that are actively promoting technological innovation, contributing to the coordinated development of the Bay Area, and embodying principles of green, low-carbon, and openness. The event aims to recognize enterprises and entrepreneurs who have made noteworthy achievements, leveraging scientific research, precise analysis, and efficient services. The overarching goal is to gain insights into the new momentum and advantages propelling Shenzhen's industrial development. This initiative seeks to assist Shenzhen enterprises in exploring new fields and tracks continuously, fostering steady and long-term progress on the path of high-quality development.

After 28 years of consistent development, KTC Technology has emerged as a leading company in the industry, showcasing a demonstrative role for others in the field. KTC Technology boasts robust research and development capabilities, encompassing 3 "Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Centers" and 2 "Guangdong Industrial Design Centers”. Actively engaged in the formulation of industry standards, the company plays a significant role in contributing to national standards and group standards, having participated in the compilation of over ten published standards.

KTC Technology has accumulated international development experience in cutting-edge technology within the industry. The company specializes in customizing display terminal products based on customer requirements, catering to diverse application fields such as smart education, smart office, e-sports, security, commercial display, and medical care.

Leveraging its two major industrial park factories in Shenzhen and Huizhou, KTC Technology harnesses its world-leading intelligent manufacturing advantages to facilitate the convergent development of the industry's upstream and downstream industrial chains in Shenzhen and the Pearl River Delta region. This strategic approach aims to continually strengthen the company's core competitiveness. In the first half of 2023, the shipment volume of smart TVs among manufacturing suppliers ranked fifth globally; the shipment volume of smart interactive tablets among manufacturing suppliers ranked first in the world.

In terms of the coordinated development of the industrial chain, KTC Technology deeply integrates the upstream and downstream resources of the industrial chain, leads the construction of the "KTC e-Integration" supply chain financial service platform, promotes in-depth cooperation between upstream and downstream, and provides upstream suppliers through innovative supply chain financial technology services. Provide efficient and convenient financial services to merchants and implement the national inclusive policy.

With a focus on building its own brands, KTC Technology has actively developed the three major brands "KTC”, "FPD”, and "Horion". These brands are dedicated to constructing an all-media product operation platform, employing a comprehensive online and offline promotion model to expand their global influence. KTC has experienced enhanced brand awareness, reputation, loyalty, and satisfaction, contributing to a continuous increase in its international influence.

KTC's brands have consistently received prestigious accolades, including being recognized as a "Guangdong Province Famous Trademark”, "Shenzhen Famous Brand”, "The Most Famous Brand of Conference Tablets”, and "5A Trustworthy Products”, among other notable distinctions. In 2022, the self-owned brand "Horion" for intelligent interactive tablets achieved the second-highest shipment volume in the domestic commercial tablet market. Additionally, in the first half of 2023, the "KTC brand" secured the second position in the sales volume of e-sports monitors within the domestic online retail market, ranking among the top five.

KTC Technology has implemented a first-class quality management system, earning certifications for international standards, including the Swiss SGS ISO9001:2015 for quality management and SGS ISO14001:2015 for environmental management. These certifications signify a commitment to elevating the operational levels of quality management. KTC continues to champion the excellent performance model and embraces "full quality chain" management, aiming to establish a sustainable development industrial chain. Through continuous innovation, the company strives to create higher product value for its customers.

KTC is actively involved in public welfare and charity, giving full play to the advantages of the enterprise, integrating the concept of charity into the bloodline of the enterprise, fulfilling its social responsibility and contributing to the society, such as actively participating in various voluntary activities such as environmental protection, traffic guidance, community support, blood donation, and donating money and materials to help the poor and the needy, rural revitalization, epidemic prevention and control, education development and other social welfare undertakings.

The recognition through this award comprehensively acknowledges the strength of KTC Technology. The company remains dedicated to being a vital support and a model, leading the high-quality development of Shenzhen. By playing a pioneering role in the high-quality development of enterprises, KTC aims to make significant contributions to the ongoing progress and development of Shenzhen.

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