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Our Company Passed the Longgang District Headquarter Enterprises acknowledgment
( Source:KTC   /   Send time:2015-01-28 )
 Recently, our company successfully passed the Longgang District headquarters enterprises acknowledgement, and won the economic and technological development of Longgang District special funds. The reward fund is supported by the Economic Council and the district government, this fund is acknowledged by Shenzhen Longgang area Economic Promotion Bureau and the district government support fund management joint meeting office. Companies which win this find means they are leading companies in economic scale and taxation contribution to the government, can effectively promote the industry upstream and downstream businesses together, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading of Longgang district.
We achieved remarkable achievements in production management, technological innovation, economies of scale, the amount of tax and other aspects during 2013 , the indicators have reached the standard of Longgang district headquarter enterprise acknowledgement. This award shows the confirmation of our achievements from Longgang District government, we will continue to accelerate under the government’s strong support, continue to adhere to independent innovation, continue to increase R & D investment, to introduce advanced equipment to improve the manufacturing process level, to enhance the company's overall R & D strength, speed up industrial restructuring and upgrading, will make contribution to industrial economic development.  Of Longgang district and Shenzhen.