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Shenzhen KTC Commercial is Declared Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center
( Source:KTC   /   Send time:2021-08-20 )

Shenzhen KTC Commercial is Declared Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center

Through expert review and careful selection, Shenzhen KTC Commercial Display Technology Co., Ltd has recently ranked as Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center for Green, Multi-Mode and Interactive Display with Ultrahigh Image Resolution in a 2021 Guangdong Engineering and Technology Research Center list released bytheDepartment of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province.

It is understood that Guangdong Engineering and Technology Research Center serves as a carrier ofa market-oriented system for technological innovation in which enterprises are the main players and synergy is created through the joint efforts of enterprises, universities, and research institutes, seeking to speed up enterprise R&D building and raise independent R&D level. This provincial-level titlegiven to KTC Commercialby the Department represents the official recognition of its capacity for R&D and technological innovation which underpins its technological strength and leading position in display engineering.

In recent years, Shenzhen KTCas a leading business in the panel display industry, has kept strengthening its engineering and technology center by improving R&D system and recruiting qualified professionals, and set up a market-oriented platform for technological innovation to step up exploration into the frontiers of technology and scenario applications. These efforts have allowed KTC to make a leap in its independent innovation and core-tech competitiveness.

In addition, thanks to continuous input into R&D, breakthroughs made in core technologies and the application of scientific and technological advances, KTC has gained considerable experience insuch cutting-edge technological discoveries asintelligent display, interacting multi-mode interaction, audio visual control systems, green energy-saving, third-generation stereoscopic display. More importantly, multiple new developments made by KTC have been incorporated into the IP strategy and enjoyed patent authorization protection.

Moreover, with the aim of meetingmajor demand for the industry development, KTC’s engineering and technology research center has taken an active part in cooperation with peers, technical exchange and formulation of trade standards, encouraged collaborative innovation among enterprises, universities and research institutions and cultivated personnel skilled at industrial innovation. By so doing, KTC has contributed to breakthroughs in core technologies that constrained the industry from self-developing, and the development of strategic industry clusters.

As a Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center, KTC will lead by example to continue its input into R&D, explore new routes to innovation and promote high-quality development of panel display so as to make its greater contribution to developing of Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area into international centers for science and technology innovation and building China’s strength in science and technology.

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