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Shenzhen KTC Commercial is Declared Guangdong Industrial Design Center
( Source:KTC   /   Send time:2021-08-20 )

With its great strength in the industrial design, Shenzhen KTC Commercial Display Technology Co., Ltd has recently ranked as Guangdong Industrial Design Center in the fourth group of Guangdong Industrial Design Center released by the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Guangdong Province.

Guangdong Industrial Design Center refers to the industrial design center within a business or the industrial design enterprise recognized by the Department, featuring great strength in innovative design, higher growth and national-level or provincial-level leading position in its scale, management and performances. This provincial-level title given to KTC Commercial by the Department represents the official recognition of its capacity for R&D and technological innovation which underpins its strength in design and leading position in this industry.

Shenzhen KTC has been pursuing innovation-driven development. KTC has incorporated a concept of“sci-tech aesthetics”, which is fusion of science with aesthetics, technology with art, development with design, into R&D and production. With new technology and design, excellent quality management and intelligent manufacturing systems, the company has applied scientific and technological fruits to smart panel display products that serves the multi-scenario needs of customers across over 170 nations and regions, ranging from households, business, education and e-sports. Thus KTC has domestically and internationally been awarded several well-known prizes such as Contemporary Good Design Award, the first price in Guangdong Governor Cup Industrial Design Competition and German Red Dot Award, and yielded results with proprietary IP rights.

This significant qualification provided by the Department has given an impetus to Shenzhen KTC for the innovation-driven design, input into the industrial design, recruiting design professionals, combining markets with technological trends and basic and forward-looking research into the design. Engagement and cooperation with enterprises in the frontiers are also high on KTC’s agenda to increase the strength of its industrial design center.

Looking ahead, Shenzhen KTC Commercial will boost its high-quality growth with innovative design by keeping innovation-driven industrial design, increasing added value of products and promoting industrial transformation and upgrading. KTC, as an exemplary business in the industrial design, will lead the industry by leveraging its guiding role in innovation to continue with product upgrading, acceleratingindustrialization of design achievements so as to create more social values for the community.

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