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Heavyweight Qualification Obtained! KTC Acquires the Customs Senior AEO Certification!
( Source:KTC   /   Send time:2020-11-20 )

"I'd like to express my gratitude to Buji Customs who has spared no effort to assist us in obtaining the Senior AEO Certification that will help us further improve the market competitiveness and realize high-quality development."On November 18, Ling Bin, Chairman of KTC Group, received the certificate from a leader of the Buji Customs. This certificate marks that KTC officially became a company with Senior AEO Certification at the end of September this year.

The term "AEO" means "Authorized Economic Operator". It includes enterprises with Senior AEO Certification and enterprises with General AEO Certification.According to the WCO's SAFE Framework of Standards to Secure and Facilitate Global Trade, an AEO is defined as “a party involved in the international movement of goods in whatever function that has been approved by or on behalf of a national customs administration as complying with WCO or equivalent supply chain security standards".

It is reported that China Customs began to implement the AEO system in 2008. Enterprises with Senior AEO Certification enjoy a high reputation for customs clearance and will be benefited by the most convenient customs clearance, the largest number of domestic preferential policies, and the mutual AEO recognition by most foreign countries.

By virtue of the Senior AEO Certification, these enterprises can enjoy a series of facilitation measures in China, such as the low inspection rate, prior handling of customs clearance procedures for import & export goods, reduced frequency of customs inspection and verification, application for exemption from customs issue guarantee, getting help from "one-on-one" coordinator of the customs, and customs declaration of export goods before they are transported to the Special Customs Supervision Zone. In addition, they can also enjoy customs clearance facilitation in 42 countries (regions) that have signed the AEO mutual recognition agreement with China.

Moreover, they will be listed as enterprises for joint incentives by government departments. Through the credit joint incentives system established by the National Development and Reform Commission, these enterprises will benefit from 19 incentive measures stipulated in the "Memorandum of Cooperation for Joint Incentives for Enterprises with Customs Senior AEO Certification", including the support of customs clearance, support of development and reform departments, support of the approval of business matters, and the reference for financing through granting of credits by financial departments.

To obtain the Senior AEO Certification, an enterprise should be up to numerous standards and be particularly strong in the specialty. For example, a consignee and consigner of imported and exported goods with AEO Certification should meet 31 items of requirements in four categories. Therefore, it takes more than one year or even longer to become an enterprise with Senior AEO Certification.

This Senior AEO Certification for KTC shows that KTC's standards have been recognized and the hard work of KTC's AEO Certification Program Team in the past one year has been highly affirmed. It is also evidence of KTC's improvement of internal compliance management and trade security control!

In the process of applying for the Senior AEO Certification, leaders at all levels of the Buji Customs had visited KTC several times to carry out guidance and training. They elaborated on relevant requirements of applying for the Senior AEO Certification and answered questions of enterprises, enhancing KTC's understanding and awareness of Senior AEO Certification systems and guiding KTC to further regulate the import & export work.

KTC appreciates the assistance and guidance of leaders at all levels of the Buji Customs. In the future, KTC will continue to persist in the honest and law-abiding operation, regulate the business process based on standards for "Enterprises with Senior AEO Certification", improve the level of observing laws and regulations, prevent trade risks, constantly improve the international market competitiveness, and make greater contributions to the stable development of foreign economic and trade in Shenzhen.

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