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2020 KTC Badminton Competition Came to a Successful End!
( Source:KTC   /   Send time:2020-11-29 )

On the afternoon of November 28, a group of elite players came to the badminton court of the Shenzhen KTC, where they staged several excellent badminton matches, and the winner, runner-up, and second runner-up in men's doubles, mixed doubles, men's singles, women's doubles, women's singles, and other events were finally decided. The 2020 KTC Badminton Competition came to a successful end!

When the competition has not yet started, the court was full of players. Players from Shenzhen KTC, Huizhou KTC, and Bantian KTC were all eager for the game, so they took out their favorite badminton rackets and went to the court to warm up.

After the players have listened carefully to the rules of the game and the judges were in their positions, the competition officially began. The players of the double events cooperated with each other on the field according to their own strategies. Every game was exciting. With standard posture, attentive eyes, and quick pace, players showed us many badminton skills, such as deep clear, drop shot, smash, and chop.

The single events were also attractive. The two sides of the competition were full of enthusiasm, concentrating on pulling, smashing, and attacking. The badminton flying rapidly in the air firmly attracted the audiences' eyes. The two sides of the competition led the score alternately. After another nice smash, the cheer of "good shot" and applause filled the court.   In the end, the tie was broken, and the two sides shook hands with laughter and agreed to learn from each other and compete again if they had the chance!

The badminton competition was extremely exciting. Badminton players of KTC competed for their spirit and skills, which fully showed KTC's spirit of enterprising, striving for the first, and unity.

After the competition, President Wu, the leader of KTC, presented trophies and prizes to the winners of the competition, congratulated them on their good results, and encouraged KTC staff to continue to carry forward the sportsmanship and display the elegant demeanor of KTC.

Results of 2020 KTC Badminton Competition

Men's doubles:

Winner: Lin Yiji and Ou Zhengwei; Runner-up: Jiang Junbiao and Gao Yingjie;

Second runner-up: Chen Xin and He Yubin.

Mixed doubles:

Winner: Shu Min and Chen Fang; Runner-up: Guo Laigen and Yang Meng;

Second runner-up: Zhou Mingsong and He Yumei.

Men's singles:

Winner: Li Zhenqiang; Runner-up: Deng Mingyu; Second runner-up: Fang Yinhai.

Women's doubles:

Winner: Zhou Chuntao and Zhou Haiyin; Runner-up: Xu Lingfang and Yang Jingjing; Second runner-up: Zeng Li and Huang Wenxiu.

Women's singles:

Winner: Zhao Ru; Runner-up: Xiang Chao; Second runner-up: Liu Feng.

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