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Attentive Service, Brilliant Achievements|Structural Roof-sealing of KTC Huizhou Phase III Project Completed!
( Source:KTC   /   Send time:2019-08-29 )

Firecrackers salvo the sky with thunderous applause. On the morning of August 28, the completion of the last cubic meter of concrete placement symbolized the successful roof-sealing of KTC Huizhou Phase III Project. Ling Huizheng, General Manager of KTC Huizhou, and relevant representatives of the construction company, attended the roof-sealing ceremony to jointly witness the exciting and important moment.

Painstaking efforts contribute to brilliance. Unremitting struggle leads to success. In order to complete the project quickly and smoothly, the leaders of KTC have paid great attention to all the work of the project since the main structure started construction and actively carried out on-site inspection and guidance. All kinds of difficulties have been overcome under the joint efforts of the whole staff for the project. It is the hard work of on-site members that have contributed to the smooth structural roof-sealing for specific phase of the project.

The KTC Huizhou Phase III Project covers a total area of 8,500 square meters, with a total construction area of 63,000 square meters and a total investment of RMB 170 million. The completion of the Phase III Project will provide KTC Huizhou with a modern industrial space integrating R&D and production, contribute to investment of more high-end and new-type R&D and testing equipment in KTC Huizhou and bring more high-tech professionals to the company. The capacity strength, R&D innovation capability and core competitiveness in market of KTC Huizhou will therefore be greatly enhanced, with new energy for more vigorous development injected and great leaps achieved. At the same time, KTC will continue to uphold the integrity-driven and quality first philosophy, seek for innovation, take the lead in every step, so as to develop itself to be a professional manufacturer of first-class FPD products in the world.

Quality can be revealed through details and delicate and painstaking work is the guarantee of quality. In the days to come, while ensuring the safety and quality of the construction, all the project personnel will always work hard and strive for perfection with high spirits to complete every work and ensure the smooth completion of the project. The earnest expectation of all members of KTC will not be lived up to!

Attentive Service, Brilliant Achievements|Structural Roof-sealing of KTC Huizhou Phase III Project Completed!