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Moment of Glory|KTC Listed Among 2019 Top 500 Enterprises of Guangdong
( Source:KTC   /   Send time:2019-08-30 )

On August 29, 2019, the "2019 Top 500 Guangdong Enterprises Conference", sponsored by Guangdong Provincial Enterprise Confederation and Guangdong Provincial Association of Entrepreneurs, was held in Guangzhou. Themed on "Greater Bay Area, Large Enterprises, Significant Responsibilities", the Conference released the list of 2019 Top 500 Enterprises of Guangdong and the lists of Top 100 Enterprises of Guangdong in Manufacturing Industry, Service Industry, Circulation Industry and Innovative Enterprises, respectively. Chen Liangxian, Vice Governor of People's Government of Guangdong Province attended the Conference and delivered a speech.

It is understood that the list of the 2019 Top 500 Enterprises of Guangdong is evaluated based on the operating revenue of enterprises in 2018 as the basic standard and the annual accounting statement of enterprises, and examined and approved by relevant authorities. Relying on excellent performance and strong overall strength, KTC ranks 212th on the list.

Chen Liangxian pointed out at the Conference that the world is now in the historical intersection period of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation. China is also in the key period of transforming the development mode, optimizing economic structure and shifting the growth drivers. He hoped that the platform of the Top 500 Enterprises of Guangdong activity, while setting a benchmark for enterprise development, would help enterprises and entrepreneurs across Guangdong to firmly seize the opportunities in the Greater Bay Area, maintain strategic determination and enhance confidence in development. He also hoped that large enterprises would therefore be encouraged to enhance their responsibilities and play a leading role, so as to speed up the high-quality development of industries in Guangdong, and win opportunities and advantages in the new round of development competition.

In the process of over 20 years of growth and development, KTC has always been bold in scaling new heights and made exciting achievements. In the future, KTC will seize and make good use of the strategic opportunities in important period, carry forward entrepreneurship in the new era, advance at the forefront of high-quality development, be dedicated to specialized, professional and continuously innovative development, accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading, make progress in a steady way and be determined to forge ahead. KTC will also continue to make greater contributions to Guangdong inachieving the goals of"taking the lead in building the institutional mechanism to promote high-quality economic development, building a modern economic system, forming a new pattern of all-round opening-up, and creating a social governance pattern of co-construction, co-governance, and sharing", serving as "two important windows" of demonstrating our achievements and inviting international examination, and realizing coordinated development of efficiency, quality and scale.

KTC Listed Among 2019 Top 500 Enterprises of Guangdong

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