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KTC unveiled its new products at the 24th China High-Tech Fair
( Source:KTC   /   Send time:2022-11-20 )

On November 19, 2022, the 24th China High-Tech Fair (hereinafter referred to as CHTF) came to a successful conclusion. This year, CHTF attracted more than 5,600 exhibitors and more than 8,600 projects from 41 countries and regions. With the theme of "Scientific and Technological Reform Drives Innovation, Scientific and Technological Innovation Drives Development", this fair is committed to continuously building an important platform for the exchange and trading of scientific and technological achievements, and has achieved remarkable and fruitful results.

The Longgang exhibition area of the CHTF where KTC is located covers an area of 204 square meters, and more than 20 units in the jurisdiction with more than 50 products participate in the exhibition, covering a number of industries such as electronic information, advanced manufacturing, biomedicine, new materials, etc., which concentrates on displaying the representative achievements of the innovation and entrepreneurship environment and scientific and technological innovation and development in Longgang District.

In this exhibition, KTC's self-developed smart beauty mirror adopts AI face recognition function and realizes "virtual face makeup, hairstyle change, and wearing of decoration" with simulated scenes, and conducts human-computer interaction with on-site visitors, bringing real beauty scenes to experiencers.

KTC free-range screen is a special craft product tailored to the needs of users, which can be walked anywhere at will, with rotatable tilt angle, suitable for diversified experience scenarios, integrating a variety of high-definition playback experience needs such as fitness, cooking, office, online classes, drama chasing, etc., bringing the practicality and convenience of scientific and technological innovation to the experiencer, and won a lot of applause and praise. In this exhibition, the organizer placed the KTC free-range screen next to the Longgang Overview Publicity Wall to introduce the situation of Longgang District and let more visitors understand Longgang.

In addition, the Horion Intelligent conference tablet of Horion Company, a subsidiary of KTC, is frequently unveiled in the Longgang exhibition area, and its figure can be seen everywhere, which is used for high-tech product information display and enterprise booth navigation at the CHTF.

By building a high-end innovation platform, KTC is committed to carrying out technical research in key areas, actively transforming high-quality innovation results, and continuing to provide customers with innovative intelligent display technology products and more professional display service solutions that keep pace with the times, so as to fulfill the corporate mission of improving life with science and technology.

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