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KTC's intelligent sports mirror won the G-Mark Design Award in Japan
( Source:KTC   /   Send time:2022-11-02 )

Recently, the results of the 2022 Japan G-Mark Design Award were announced, and the 43M11UDT intelligent sports mirror independently developed by KTC won the G-Mark Design Award. The theme of the 2022 Japan G-Mark Competition is "From Cross-Interaction Toward Symphony", in which 43M11UDT intelligent sports mirror stands out from 5715 products.

In the field of industrial design, Germany's IF Design Award and Red Dot Design Award, Japan's G-Mark Design Award and the United States' IDEA Design Award are collectively known as the "Four Global Industrial Design Awards". Established by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry of Japan in 1957, the G-Mark Design Award (GOOD DESIGN AWARD) in Japan is the most authoritative and influential design award in Asia, known as the "Oriental Design Oscar Award", with the Japanese Industrial Design Promotion Organization as its management agency.

In recent years, with the rise of the wave of home fitness, intelligent display products related to the Internet of Things and 5G technology have been continuously used by the public. At the same time, people's outward movement under the pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus has been restricted to a certain extent. Therefore, users can use the Internet platform and home fitness equipment to exercise at home, at the same time, sports without relying on fitness equipment (such as yoga, aerobics, etc.) are also sought after by many fitness enthusiasts, and smart fitness mirrors have also ushered in their own development opportunities.

43M11UDT smart sports mirror is a 43-inch display intelligent sports mirror, which adopts advanced TOUCH and coating techniques, so that the three functions (mirror surface, touch control, display) are integrated into one. The product can not only provide users with sports and fitness video courses, but also provide real-time exercise guidance based on artificial intelligence technology services, so that users can enjoy the fun of home fitness without leaving home.

KTC will continue to practice the corporate mission of improving life with science and technology, integrate science and aesthetics, technology and art, development and design, continuously improve the innovation ability of industrial design, expand market segments with innovative display products, so as to meet the personalized needs of users, establish a good reputation of high quality, and improve market competitiveness.

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