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Horion Assisting China Unicom in Building a Comprehensive Futuristic Digital Lifestyle and Digital Office Environment
( Source:KTC   /   Send time:2023-05-29 )

Recently, Shenzhen Unicom held a digital life experience center inauguration ceremony with the theme of "Connecting the Future, Empowered by Technology", and the largest operator digital life experience center in Guangdong Province - Shenzhen Unicom Digital Life Experience Center officially opened for business. The first 20 eco-partners, represented by Shenzhen KTC Technology Co., Ltd., the parent company of Horion, signed a contract to help build the future digital living space of Shenzhen Unicom.

Shenzhen Unicom × Horion

Creating a Model Center for Intelligent Conference Experience

Shenzhen Unicom Digital Life Experience Center integrates technology, education, culture and medical care; while Horion, as a brand of Shenzhen KTC Technology Co., Ltd., brings its main intelligent conference tablet products to the experience center, empowering the new way of modern office with intelligent technology products and bringing a new digital office experience that can be touched and felt around the intelligent conference.

The Horion Conference Tablet is a conference room enhancement tool that supports touch writing, wireless screen sharing, and enables high-quality remote video conferencing with a single tap. Designed for diverse usage scenarios, Horion has innovatively developed over 100 distinctive features in software applications, catering to various needs such as meetings, corporate presentations, and information dissemination. On-site, the Horion Conference Tablet became the atmosphere creator in the experience center, attracting a large number of people to participate and interact through the Horion Conference Tablet's lottery feature.

Previously, Horion Conference Tablet has empowered a number of business halls of Shenzhen Unicom, displaying and promoting through high-definition touch screen, helping to upgrade store operation efficiency and customer experience comprehensively. Now, in addition to supporting the digital space exhibition and display in the experience center, Horion also provides exclusive solutions for China Unicom's customers.

Official Horion Online Store

Opening a Channel of Exclusive Benefits for Unicom Customers

Horion Online Store is the official direct sales online store of Horion, with rich products covering conference room smart display terminals such as intelligent conference tablet, conference tablet TV, commercial display and other conference room smart display terminals as well as video conference terminals, screen casters, cameras, omnidirectional mikes and other conference peripheral products. With the support of IoT, 5G and other technologies, the all-scene intelligent conference solutions brought by Horion can help enterprises and institutions enjoy a new way of smarter, more efficient and safer meetings.

China Unicom's government and enterprise customers span the globe. To better serve China Unicom's customers and empower various industries with digitalization, Horion has launched an exclusive benefits channel in the official Horion online store for China Unicom customers. This channel offers a special discount of 10% off on orders, aiming to benefit a wide range of customers and promote the widespread adoption of intelligent conferencing solutions in more enterprises. Horion envisions making the Horion Intelligent Conference Tablet a standard feature in every meeting room.

5G+ Smart Display

A New Intelligent Ecology of Joint Business, Joint Construction and Win-Win

In the future, Horion and China Unicom will leverage their respective strengths to jointly explore and promote innovative research and application in areas such as 5G+ intelligent displays, 5G smart parks, and 5G+8K. This collaboration aims to establish a comprehensive and in-depth partnership, leveraging complementary advantages and achieving mutual benefits. Together, we will create a new ecosystem of intelligent cooperation, providing modern, intelligent, and all-encompassing service experiences for our customers.

The two sides will integrate internal and external resources and open up service capabilities, and use newer products, more professional services, and more favorable policies to support the construction of an inclusive and convenient digital society, digital life, and digital office intelligence.

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