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Good News | KTC Technology's R&D Engineer Tong Siyu Awarded Shenzhen May Day Labor Medal
( Source:KTC   /   Send time:2023-05-04 )

On the morning of April 28th, a Commendation Conference was held in Shenzhen Hall to celebrate the 2023 May Day International Labor Day and to present awards to the city's Model Workers, Advanced Workers, and representatives of Advanced Collective Winners. Comrade Tong Siyu, an Industrial Design Engineer of Shenzhen KTC Technology Co., Ltd. and a Member of the Party Branch of KTC Technology, was awarded the Shenzhen May Day Labor Medal and was invited to attend the Conference in recognition of her outstanding contributions. Subsequently, she was invited to attend the Longgang District Symposium to commemorate the "May Day Labor Model" and delivered a speech as the representative of the District Labor Model.

She has demonstrated her proficiency at the outset of her career and adhered to the mission of "enhancing life through technology". 

As a post-97, she has contributed more than 100 product development and design solutions to the company over the course of four years. In her first year of employment, she began to contribute to the development of a series of television models. Following that, she was involved in the design and implementation of innovative products such as a makeup mirror and the "Customizable Screen", which have been met with positive reception from the market and have been widely acclaimed.

In her role as an Industrial Design Engineer, she has gone to great lengths to ensure that the product achieves the desired effect, including following up on the actual design effectiveness and optimizing the design at the factory level. During the mass production of products, she collaborated with engineers to thoroughly discuss and debug the products, with the aim of providing the end-user with an efficient and comfortable experience, thus ensuring their satisfaction.

As a co-designer, she holds 6 patents. With the cooperation of the project team, the two display products she worked on won the Red Dot Product Design Award in Germany, the top award in the global design industry.

At the Longgang District's symposium to celebrate the "May Day Model Workers", Tong Siyu shared that the key to success is grounded in "humility, dedication and the commitment to design each intelligent interactive display product with passion and purpose in accordance with the company's mission of 'improving life with technology.'"

She will continue to serve as a model Party member, embodying the spirit of love, dedication, and aspiration to achieve excellence in her work. She will strive to innovate and create, producing high-quality products that will strengthen the KTC brand and contribute to the high-quality development of the Shenzhen manufacturing industry.

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