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Shenzhen KTC Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. was rated as a Customs AEO Advanced Certification Enterprise
( Source:KTC   /   Send time:2023-01-13 )

On the morning of January 12, 2023, Zhang Bin, general manager of KTC Medical, led a team to Buji Customs to participate in the qualification awarding ceremony and enterprise symposium of "Customs AEO Advanced Certification Enterprise". At the awarding ceremony, the leaders of Buji Customs issued the Customs AEO Advanced Certification Enterprise Certificate to KTC Medical.

After KTC Technology, KTC Commercial and Huizhou KTC obtained the qualification of Customs AEO Advanced Certification Enterprise, KTC Medical became the fourth Customs AEO Advanced Certification Enterprise under KTC.

Subsequently, KTC Medical presented a silk banner to Buji Customs to thank Buji Customs for its strong support and help to the company.

At the symposium, General Manager Zhang Bin expressed his gratitude to the leaders of Buji Customs for their support and help to KTC. Before the review of AEO advanced certification, Buji Customs carried out professional and meticulous cultivation of KTC, explained the relevant requirements of AEO standards, answered questions for KTC, promoted KTC's understanding of the AEO advanced certification system, and accelerated the AEO advanced certification process of KTC.

Subsequently, General Manager Zhang introduced the current main business products and sales in the market of KTC Medical to the customs leaders, and said that in the later stage, KTC will make full use of the qualification of AEO advanced certification enterprise, so as to expand the KTC's export of products and KTC's market share abroad in order to contribute to the economic development of Shenzhen, China.

The leaders of Buji Customs fully affirmed and praised the scientific and technological strength and vigorous development trend of KTC, introduced the preferential policies and measures for AEO advanced certification enterprise, and put forward a number of practical guidance suggestions for KTC based on the actual situation of import and export work. At the same time, the customs leaders carefully inquired about the obstacles encountered by KTC in handling business at customs, were aware of the current difficulties faced by the company and said that they would continue to strengthen the policy docking with company and provide more accurate warm enterprise services.

Customs Advanced Certification Enterprise, or AEO (Authorized Economic Operator), is the highest credit rating enterprise in China's Customs Credit Management System. Customs advanced certification enterprise can enjoy a series of preferential customs clearance measures provided by the Customs for enterprises, and customs clearance facilitation measures in countries or regions that have been mutually recognized by AEO, as well as joint incentives for trustworthiness implemented by relevant state departments, etc.

KTC Medical will continue to strengthen internal management, operate in strict accordance with the "Customs Advanced Certification Enterprise Standards", improve the company's management and operation level, make full use of the customs AEO certification enterprise qualification, further strengthen international marketing work, enhance international competitiveness and influence, and thus help Shenzhen's foreign trade economy development.

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