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KTC free-range screen and FPD smart screen beauty mirror were selected into the "Shenzhen Innovative Product Promotion and Application Catalog"
( Source:KTC   /   Send time:2023-01-12 )

Recently, Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology released the "Shenzhen Innovative Product Promotion and Application Catalog(2022 Third Batch)", and the KTC free-range screen and FPD smart screen beauty mirror of Shenzhen KTC Technology Co., Ltd. were successfully selected into the catalog and became recommended products for government agencies to purchase.

In order to strengthen the function of government procurement policy, support the promotion and application of innovative products of Shenzhen technology enterprises and improve the government's public management and service level, the Shenzhen Municipal Government regularly conducts the selection of innovative products for "Shenzhen Innovative Product Promotion and Application Catalog".

The two innovative products selected this time are both C-end consumer technology products under KTC's own brand. By deploying emerging consumption tracks, KTC is committed to developing high-growth segments, opening up new growth curves and improving profitability.

KTC free-range screen adheres to the simple and exquisite design concept, with a variety of functions such as movable, multi-angle adjustment, touchable, etc.; supports wireless screen projection, touch writing whiteboard function and expansion of external camera equipment; The disc part of the base is equipped with a long-life battery, which can be used in a variety of scenarios, and enjoy watching audio and video on a large screen in any scene, meeting the increasingly rich needs of users in multi-scene use.

FPD Smart Screen Beauty Mirror is the industry's first professional-grade beauty mirror with integrated mirror screen, with a light and transparent design, equipped with 8 inch touch screen, built-in Android 11.0, easy to operate; External 360° ring fill light, 210 high-color rendering lamp beads, more realistic restoration of makeup color; With a variety of built-in beauty application software, which can perform makeup simulation, skin quality analysis, etc.; The base has a built-in Bluetooth speaker, which can realize intelligent voice interaction and screen projection, and then match the magnetic 4K camera to adapt to more usage scenarios.

The inclusion of a number of KTC products in the "Shenzhen Innovative Product Promotion and Application Catalog" is a high recognition of KTC's innovation ability and product application value by experts in the industry and is also an incentive for KTC to continue to carry out innovative research and development of new products. KTC will continue to improve its innovation capabilities and industrial design level, and strictly control the design and manufacturing quality of products in order to better serve customers and provide high-quality products.

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