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"Great love from KTC, Pass on warmth" - KTC carries out voluntary blood donation public welfare activity
( Source:KTC   /   Send time:2022-12-12 )

In order to fully fulfill its social responsibilities, demonstrate the responsibility of the enterprise, give play to the vanguard and exemplary role of CPC members, and call on CPC members and employees to actively participate in the voluntary blood donation public welfare activity, on December 9, 2022, KTC, together with the China Council of Lions Clubs (CCLC) and Shenzhen Blood Center, jointly launched the "Red Action" blood donation activity.

At the blood donation site, under the guidance of medical staff, KTC employees carried out information registration, blood pressure testing, blood testing and other links in an orderly manner.

After strict screening, the CPC members and employees who met the conditions for blood donation rolled up their sleeves, clenched their fists, and donated their own loving blood. WU Chongyi, Secretary of the CPC Committee in KTC Park, and JIANG Wei, Secretary of the First Party Branch of the CPC of KTC Technology, took the lead in participating in the blood donation.

Since KTC called for voluntary blood donation, the company's internal employees have responded positively, enthusiastically signed up to participate, interpreted the spirit of volunteer service with practical actions, brushed the warm background with love, and demonstrated the social responsibility of KTC people in social welfare undertakings.

Voluntary blood donation is not only good for good health, but also provides hope for the continuation of life, and is also a noble social welfare undertaking. In the next step, KTC will continue to practice its original intention and mission with practical actions, carry forward the spirit of volunteer service, and inspire more caring employees to assume social responsibilities and actively serve the society with practical actions.

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