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KTC is on the List of “Top 100 Shenzhen Industry Leaders in 2022”
( Source:KTC   /   Send time:2022-09-27 )

On September 27, “Top 100 Shenzhen Industry Leaders in 2022” jointly hosted by Shenzhen Industry Leader Corporate Development Promotion Association, Shenzhen Economic Daily and Duchuang client was announced. KTC was once again on the list with its UHD video display product in manufacturing sector.

This list shows that industry leaders and little giants get headstart in their own segments. More than 80% of enterprises make significant breakthroughs in core technologies of different niches, “20+8” emerging industrial cluster corporations in segment markets grow rapidly.

It is reported that only those influential, vocal and exemplary model enterprises in their own industry segments are included in the list of "Top 100 Shenzhen Industry Leaders". The innovation outcomes of leading corporations in each industry are fully reflected, and their great contributions to high-quality development in different industries and in Shenzhen are recognized. The innovation, driving force, contribution, influence and social responsibility are taken into consideration in corporate development assessment.

Engaged in the intelligent display industry for 27 years, KTC has remained committed to independent R & D and innovation. It has innovation centers like Guangdong Province Green Ultra HD Multi-modal Interactive Display Engineering Technology Research Center, Guangdong Engineering and Technology Research Center of Intelligent Flat Panel Display, Guangdong Industrial Design Center, Shenzhen Enterprise Technology Center and Shenzhen Industrial Design Center.

Nowadays, we have built a world-class R&D network and kept gaining international development experience in the frontier technology fields such as intelligent display, multi-modal human-machine interaction, UHD audio and video control, green energy saving, third-generation stereoscopic display, transparent display, etc. We have also led and participated in standards setting and release. KTC products have won Red Dot Award, iF Design Award, the first prize of Governor Cup Industrial Design Competition and Contemporary Good Design Award.

KTC has always given priority to high quality, established a first-class management system, and it has been ranked among “Top 100 High-quality Enterprises in Shenzhen” and “Shenzhen Quality-Assurance Enterprise”. We have implemented total quality management and introduced modern management tools to achieve standardization and traceability, systematization and visualization of quality management, which has fundamentally guaranteed excellent quality of products and services, ensuring that our product quality has kept ahead in the industry.

In 2021, KTC's revenue topped 10 billion yuan, with net profit exceeding 900 million yuan. Through 27-year sustained development, KTC has become one of the leading companies in the intelligent display industry. According to DISCIEN, in 2021, KTC became the second biggest manufacturer in supplying interactive flat panel across the world. From RUNTO data, KTC ranked the sixth among global manufacturing suppliers of smart TV in the first half of 2022. And KTC's own brand Horion, specializing in intelligent interactive flat panel, was the second largest manufacturer of conference tablet in China. According to TRENDFORCE, in the first half of 2022, Mini-Led display under the brand name of KTC ranked second in the global market of Mini-Led display.

In terms of corporate social responsibility, KTC has developed and implemented a number of welfare systems, established KTC Mutual Aid Foundation to provide livelihood assistance to employees in need. Simultaneously, KTC has organized many public benefit activities, actively engaged in public welfare, such as charitable donations, environmental protection, giving financial aid to students, helping farmers to get rid of poverty, epidemic donations and blood donations.

In the future, KTC would continue our effort to research, develop and manufacture UHD intelligent display products, make itself become bigger and stronger in niche area, and expand applications of intelligent display products, brightening intelligent life and enjoying abundant experiences brought by such products. At the same time, KTC would devote our efforts to making Shenzhen a highland of ultra-high-definition video display industry, and make greater contribution to socio-economic development of Shenzhen.

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