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KTC was awarded "Top 100 Cultural Enterprises in Shenzhen"
( Source:KTC   /   Send time:2022-02-18 )

The Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports released the list of "Top 100 Cultural Enterprises in Shenzhen" in September 2021. KTC was successfully shortlisted in this "Top 100 Cultural Enterprises in Shenzhen", ranking 22nd on the list. Recently, KTC has received its own "Top 100 Cultural Enterprises in Shenzhen" plaque.

Since its first release in 2011, the list of "Top 100 Cultural Enterprises in Shenzhen" has been widely concerned and affirmed by all walks of life due to its authority and fairness and has become the most influential enterprise ranking in Shenzhen. The list is to further promote the development of Shenzhen's cultural and creative industries, encourage and affirm the cultural and creative achievements of leading companies in various fields, and establish models and benchmarks, so as to better play the leading role of leading enterprises.

In line with the trend of digital industrialization, KTC pays attention to the frontier fields of information technology, strengthens independent innovation, integrates advantageous resources, and has launched numerous models and series of display terminal products through differentiated market competition strategies and matching R&D and manufacturing advantages. KTC's products stand out from the competition in the differentiated market and have achieved a relatively high market share. At the same time, KTC emphasizes quality and service, and its technology and service are widely recognized by customers in various fields.

Facing the future, KTC will consistently focus on the development direction of the new generation of information technology industry, consolidate the advantages of new display technology, build an intelligent manufacturing ecological chain for the display industry, provide more intelligent and rich cultural and creative products and services, stimulate the innovative vitality of digital terminal products, and promote the in-depth integration of culture and technology.

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