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Faculties and Students from South University of Science and Technology of China went to Huizhou KTC for Exchange Activities
( Source:KTC   /   Send time:2021-11-25 )

On the morning of November 25, Professor Sun Xiaowei from South University of Science and Technology of China(SUSTC) visited Huizhou KTC Technology Co., Ltd. with his research team and student representatives to carry out exchange activities. Ling Feng, General Manager of KTC, led the reception team. Mr. Chen, General Manager of R&D Department, Mr. Li, General Manager of Human Resources Department and Mr. Chu, General Manager of Huinan Technical Department attended and participated in the whole activity.

With a view to strengthening the communication and cooperation with SUSTC and exploring the opportunity of cooperation in the field of optical film materials, KTC invited the research team of SUSTCto visit Huizhou KTC. At the beginning of the event, the representatives of the university visited the company’s product showroom, laboratory and production workshop under the guidance of leaders of KTC. During the visit, both sides had a full exchange on the company’s products, experimental environment methods and specific details related to production.

Afterwards, the two sides had a seminar, during which Mr. Ling expressed his warm welcome to the arrival of Professor Sun and his party from SUSTCand also expressed high expectation for the school-enterprise cooperation of “KTC and SUSTC”. Professor Sun expressed his recognition of KTC’s overall strength, and also suggested that both sides could explore various forms of cooperation in light of actual situation. Later on, Mr. Cai, manager of HR Department introduced KTC to the visiting team, and Professor Sun’s team also brought their latest scientific research results and their application scenarios to the seminar.During the warm conversation, both sides discussed possible future cooperation.

After the seminar, faculties and students from SUSTC came to KTC’s cafeteria to experience the living atmosphere of KTC employees. So far, this school-enterprise cooperation and exchange activity was successfully concluded. This exchange activity accelerated the progress of school-enterprise cooperation and laid the foundation for the deep integration of industry-university-research. In the future, the two sides will continue to expand the field of cooperation, further apply the scientific research theory in the industry, transform it into scientific and technological products that change people’s lives, and draw a blueprint for a better technological life in the future.