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Director GAO Zheng of the Industrial Development Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism visited KTC for investigation
( Source:KTC   /   Send time:2021-09-24 )

On the afternoon of September 23, 2021, GAO Zheng, Director of the Industrial Development Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and ZHAO Hong, member of the Communist Party Group of Guangdong Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism/Deputy director of Guangdong Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, and other leaders have visited KTC for investigation. WANG Cefei, Deputy secretary of Longgang District Party Committee and Head of the Longgang District Government, has accompanied them for the investigation on site. KTC President LI Yubin led a team to receive and introduce the development of the cultural industry in KTC Park.

During the investigation, Director GAO Zheng and other leaders have listened to the report on the overall situation of the KTC Digital Terminal Industrial Park, and have learned about the development status and prospects of the KTC Park's digital terminal industry in terms of operating status, main business, and future planning.

Afterwards, Director GAO Zheng and other leaders have come to the KTC exhibition hall, President Li Yubin introduced to them KTC’s digital terminal products and its cultural application scenarios where “Science and Technology Aesthetics” is the development concept, integrating science and aesthetics, technology and culture and art, development and design. Director GAO Zheng has expressed his affirmation and expectation for KTC's strength and future development potential in the field of digital terminals.

KTC is a full-industry chain enterprise covering R&D, design, production and sales of display terminals in the digital creative industry and has obtained a series of cultural qualification certifications such as Shenzhen Top 100 Cultural Enterprises, Shenzhen Key Cultural Export Enterprises, and Longgang District Key Cultural Enterprises. KTC Park is a uniquely positioned cultural industry park on the Longgang Digital Creative Industry Corridor.

KTC sincerely thanks governments at all levels for the recognition and support to KTC. In the future, KTC will continue to adhere to innovation as the driving force, promote the further integration of technology and culture, and improve at the same time the supporting services of the park, promote the coordinated development of the display terminal industry cluster, and create a national cultural industry demonstration park for the "Longgang Digital Creative Industry Corridor" , in order to make greater contributions to the development of the prosperous cultural industry.


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