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KTC Commercial Display won China Customs AEO Advanced Certification Enterprise
( Source:KTC   /   Send time:2021-09-10 )

On the morning of September 9, leaders of Shenzhen Buji Customs came to Shenzhen KTCto issue the China Customs AEO Advanced Certification Enterprise certificate for KTCand to conduct a survey meeting. They were warmly received and accompanied by Ling Bin, Chairman of KTC.

After KTC was awarded the important qualification of China Customs AEO Advanced Certification Enterprise in 2020, under the continuous guidance and help from the leaders of Buji Customs, and with the unremitting efforts of all members of KTC Commercial Display, KTCCommercial Display was also officially recognized as China Customs AEO Advanced Certification Enterprise.

Winners of this“VIP” card which is equivalent to “green pass” of global trade, enjoy a series of convenience measures and preferential policies, such as lower inspection rate, priority in customs clearance of import and export goods, less frequent inspection and verification by customs, and exemption from guarantee, etc.,and also enjoy the customs facilitation measures provided by the economies, countries and regions with which China has carried out AEO mutual recognition.

Before this survey meeting, Chairman Ling Bin accompanied the customs leaders to KTC’s showroom and introduced KTC’s current main business products and market sales to the leaders, who fully affirmed and praised KTC’s technological strength and vigorous development.

In the survey meeting, the leader of Buji Customs introduced a number of specific customs policies to benefit enterprises, and put forward a number of practical guidance suggestions based on the actual situation of the company’s current import and export work. At the same time, the customs leaders learned about the difficulties faced by the Company in the current pandemic period and proposed to continue to strengthen the policy connectionwith the Company and provide more accurate services for the convenience of enterprises.

KTCsincerely appreciates the help and support from Buji Customs. In the future, KTCwill continue to strengthen internal management, optimize service configuration, further improve trade security control ability, make full use of the convenience brought by AEO certified enterprises, enhance international competitiveness and influence, expand overseas markets more firmly and confidently, and boost the high-quality development of Shenzhen’s foreign trade.

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