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Three Independent R & D and Design Products of KTC Won the German Red Dot Award of “Oscar for Design”
( Source:KTC   /   Send time:2021-05-28 )

In March this year, the results of the 2021 German Red Dot Award were announced. Kangguan Technology Co., Ltd. (KTC) independently developed and designed 65H miniLED TV, 55A7 OLED TV and KTC commercial product LX-E75R interactive electronic whiteboard, which won the German Red Dot Design Award with the reputation of “Oscar for Design”. Recently, the company received a certificate of Red Dot Award issued by the organizer.

It is understood that the German Red Dot Award, which began in 1955, is one of the most influential competitions in the world’s well-known design competitions. It is called the three major design awards in the world together with the German “IF Award” and the American “IDEA Award”. As one of the internationally recognized top awards for global industrial design, the Red Dot Award attracts more than 60 countries and more than 10,000 entries every year, and it is regarded as a weather vane of global industrial design and development trends.

The Red Dot Award is a symbol of high quality design. The award of three KTC products means that the design concept of “science and technology aesthetics” of KTC products has been recognized by the international industrial design community, and also represents that the industrial design of KTC has an international high level of quality and strength.

The KTC’s award-winning 65H miniLED TV product has a unique miniLED backlight design. Its hidden wisdom box on the back, and users can choose to disassemble or close when not in use, which well avoids the risk of information leakage and protects users' privacy.

The 55A7 OLED TV product relies on a 4.6 mm thickness of the OLED screen module, so that it can achieve a stunning sense of visual lightness. At the same time, the four-sided frameless design breaks the limitation that the traditional frameless TV must have a lower frame, and reduces the visual interference when users watch the movie.

The commercial LX-E75R, is an intelligent conference whiteboard. KTC’s industrial designers simplify the traditional window lattice patterns, extract elements, and combine them with the sound holes of modern equipment. They use the surrounding arc design to make the product more pleasant and safe. At the same time, they also construct an interactive collaborative conference environment functionally.

Winning the Red Dot Award is of great significance to KTC, which is not only a recognition and harvest of KTC in the process of continuous development and innovation, but also the driving force for continuous progress in the future!

KTC always adheres to the corporate mission of “science and technology to improve life” and the product development concept of “science and technology aesthetics”. It integrates science and aesthetics, technology and art, development and design. Through innovative technology and design, fine quality management, and advanced intelligent manufacturing, KTC continues to improve the strength of industrial design and contributes more value to the development of the industry.

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