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KTC science and technology team won the champion in the industrial injury prevention knowledge competition!
( Source:KTC   /   Send time:2020-12-08 )

On December 7, the third (2020) Zhongkai High-tech Zone Industrial Injury Prevention Knowledge Competition was opened in the talent service building. KTC science and technology team composed of Shi Ruiqi, LuoZhiyuan, and XueJi from Human Resources Department participated in the competition, and won the championship with excellent performance.

In the preliminaries, 32 teams from Zhongkai High-tech Zone, including KTC, competed with each other on the same stage. With the excellent performance and tacit cooperation among the KTC participants, KTC team successfully broke through with a high score of 240 points and entered the final as group winner. KTC participants, relying on solid basic skills and positive attitude, finally stood out among the eight final teams and won the first place in the competition with a score of 260 points.

The competition composed of three sessions: required questions, quick response questions, and risk questions, covering the knowledge of industrial injury identification, industrial injury insurance fund, labor capacity appraisal, industrial injury insurance treatment, supervision and management and legal liability. With solid knowledge of industrial injury, KTC science and technology team gained advantage time and again in the required questions session. In the early stage of the quick-response question- session, the team fell into a deadlock and missed the opportunity. However, the team members encouraged each other, shifted their mindset, and gradually got into a rhythm. They worked together with rational division of labor, and finally entered the third session with a high score of 250 points. In the risk question session, KTC team members played for safety, stood firmly and fought steadily, seized the opportunity and won the final championship!

KTC attached great importance to the knowledge of industrial injury prevention to effectively ensure the safety of employees and safety in production, which fully conformed to the KTC’s people-oriented development concept. With this competition KTC maintained its appeal and continued to improve its employees’ understanding and grasp of industrial injury prevention knowledge, which was conducive to its safety in production and industrial injury prevention.