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Jia Xingdong, Party Secretary and Director of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology on a Survey Tour to KTC
( Source:KTC   /   Send time:2020-09-19 )

On the morning of September 18, Jia Xingdong, Party Secretary and Director of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology went on a tour to Bantian Sub-district Office, Longgang District to keep “One-to-One” close links with the masses and visit Shenzhen KTC Technology Group to guide the company in its work related to production safety. The delegation was warmly received and accompanied by KTC Board Chairperson Ling Bin and his colleagues.

On the trip, Secretary Jia and others along with him, accompanied by Mr. Ling, visited the Company's exhibition hall, learned about the various products of the Company and their relevant application markets, and they also used and experienced the latest scientific and technological products. Mr. Jia spoke highly of the scientific research strength of KTC and encouraged it to continuously enhance independent innovation and make more achievements.

Later, Mr. Jia and others along with him came to KTC production line. Chairman Ling Bin introduced the status of the company production and operation and work safety. Director Jia learned about the Company's work safety in detail and stressed that KTC should continue to improve the awareness of work safety, promote safety management and control and achieve work safety objectives while ensuring production progress.

The municipalleader also inspected the safety management system, hidden danger investigation and management system, equipment and facilities, safety training and education specifically, and put forward effective suggestions for relevant work related to the company’s work safety.

KTC expressed gratefulness to the leaders of the relevant departments at the municipal, district and sub-district levels for their encouragement and support. In the future, KTC will insist on promoting production and operation while carrying on the good work in work safety in accordance with the guidance of relevant government departments, continue to make innovation independently, explore the enterprise advantages, and achieve a new round of rapid development with the support of leaders at all levels in the city.