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Youth and Dream — The First Batch of New Employees Join KTC
( Source:KTC   /   Send time:2020-07-15 )

July is the graduation season when graduates bid farewell to their campus life. July means a new start when graduates start over for a new dream. July witnesses the first batch of new employees mainly recruited during 2020 Campus Recruitment joining KTC.

From July 8 to July 9, a total of 122 new employees registered in KTC. They had their first induction training course at Shenzhen KTC and Huizhou KTC.

In the training course, the new employees introduced themselves, gave speeches and performed on a talent show. They boldly showed their unlimited talent and vitality. The first challenge faced by them in KTC is to impress their colleagues.

Then, the Human Resources Department of KTC introduced to the new employees about the company's profile, rules and regulations, management system and KTC's online courses. Through games and Q&A, the new employees have a better understanding of KTC.

KTC has also prepared online training courses for new employees to help them understand professional etiquette, develop Excel skills, master communication and time management skills, and have a positive mentality.

New employees drive a company's growth, constitute the reserve force contributing to a company's long-term development, and represent the hope of fostering enterprise spirit. KTC, the beginning of career development for these graduates, will provide a comprehensive staff training system and great promotion opportunities to help them achieve rapid and stable progress.

Induction training has offered an opportunity for new employees to better understand the company and develop a sense of belonging, and has also provided a platform for them to achieve self-development. It is hoped that new employees can keep pace with KTC as soon as possible, realize the value in work and make concerted efforts with KTC to fulfill the great dream.