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Huizhou KTC was titled " A Demonstration Base for talent cultivation and job creation"
( Source:KTC   /   Send time:2018-10-13 )

On October 12, 2018, the Zone's Annual Talents& Technologies Meeting 2017-2018 hosted by the CPC Committee of HZZK Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, was held in Xingkai Grand Theatre. KTC was awarded the title of " A Demonstration Base for Talents Cultivation and Jobs Creation" at the meeting.

KTC has a perfect talent cultivation system composing of inductive education for graduates, and position skill and specialized technology trainings, which reflects a distinct talent cultivating mode. In actual operation, KTC focuses on improving graduates' practical working capacities and raising their innovative consciousness and abilities. A training plan named "new cadremen" is being carried out specially for fresh graduates, indicating that experienced staff are assigned to assist new staff one to one in being familiar with post skills and rapidly fitting into the new corporate culture. Meanwhile, the Company is strengthening the internet platform of corporate college and the inner team of teachers to help graduates play their current roles immediately.

Being active in response to the national call, KTC takes efforts to cultivate and maintain talents for the nation in its creating economic and social benefits.  The award of the above title this time implies a well-deserved recognition of KTC's comprehensive strength. Taking such award as a motivation, the Company will create more values for the society, step by step and generation after generation.

Huizhou KTC was titled

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