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KTC Huizhou identified as a Class A enterprise by China Quality Certification Center
( Source:KTC   /   Send time:2018-01-12 )

The awarding ceremony of Class A enterprises was held in Guangzhou by China Quality Certification Center Guangzhou Branch and KTC Huizhou was awarded Class A Enterprise 2017.

According to China Quality Certification Center, requirements for Class A enterprises include: passing the inspection of quality assurance capability and product consistency in 2 consecutive years; no disqualified items found in type tests and COP tests; products qualified for all quality supervision spot-checks at national, provincial levels; having sound autonomous design capability and a certain level of product testing capability; no serious quality problem feedback from government, media, users and the public; no quality complaints or events that cause negative impacts; and no adverse records related to the manufacturer and quality certification.  

Product quality is vital to an enterprise. KTC sets up its first-rate quality management system to maintain product consistency, stability and reliability. As for raw material purchase, KTC continues to perfect the suppliers management system, guarantee product quality by strictly performing the incoming material inspection; for the manufacturing stage, KTC sticks to rigorous manufacturing process to optimize production techniques; and for the test stage, KTC adopts multiple tests & repeated tests to ensure correct product performance parameters. 

The honor of Class A Enterprise awarded by China Quality Certification Center is not only a recognition of KTC’s effective measures and excellent performance in product quality, but also a spur for KTC to improve its management and production techniques. Persisting in high quality products meeting market demands, pioneering in upgrade of product quality in the industry, KTC is committed to smart manufacturing of quality products.