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KTC Praises the 2015 Cultivation Staffs
( Source:KTC   /   Send time:2015-05-28 )

Before the International Labor Day of this year, according to our usual practice we praised the employees who worked over 10 years in our company, awarded them for prizes and encouragements.


The worked in different job positions in KTC, but they have a common name: "KTC Cultivators”, they have different working experiences and different values in our company, but with a cavity similar sway youthful enthusiasm and display their talents, they dare to endure hardship, dedication, pioneers, heritage KTC entrepreneurial spirit, unite into one KTC backbone, to maintain the sustained, healthy and rapid development of KTC.


Each development of KTC and every magnificent turn are derived from their dedication and hard work, no matter for the starter of KTC, or the pioneers of hard work are still growing, and both with a firm belief in our company, with their hard work, dedication and innovation, KTC casts the brilliant today.


Thanks them for their years of hard work, and thank them for their loyalty and trust to our company, thank them overcome problems and challenges, and a better future KTC tireless efforts; thank them for their support of the company's various rules and regulations and to build new staffs a good example. And also, the company hopes them to be able to continue to play a key role, promoting good personal qualities and professionalism to work together for the better future of our company.