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KTC Investment on Construction of Indoors Badminton Gym
( Source:KTC   /   Send time:2011-03-04 )

    To enrich the leisure-time activities of the employees, KTC will invest nearly 1 million RMB to build a high grade comprehensive badminton gym. With Currently all preparations are in progress. It’s predicted that the gym will be delivered by May 1st this year.

    Anonymous source from the Property Department said that on the request of the employees, KTC decided to re-construct a basketball court and the currently used outdoors badminton court to a badminton gym covering an area about 700 square meters. The newly-built badminton gym is complete in function, equipped with four badminton courts, a restroom, a dressing room, an air-conditioning lounge and a storage room (providing badminton racket rent service and different kinds of beaverage and food, etc.)

    These years, KTC is dedicated to improving the cultural recreation and other welfare benefits of the employees while pacing up its development. In aspect of hardware, KTC has built such facilities as basketball court and culture and sports center. The center is equipped with Pingpong room, billiards room, library, training room, electronic reading room, multi-functional hall integrating singing songs and movie playing as a whole. All of these have provided great conditions for the fitness building and leisure-life enriching of the employees.

    As KTC’s leader expressed, KTC attaches great importance to the needs and personal growth of each employee. And KTC has the responsibility to share the development fruits with the employee. Only bying doing so can unite the employees and arouse the activeness and creativeness of them to help KTC fulfill sustainable development.