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Being Committed to independent innovation
Since its establishment, KTC has been committed to independent R&D and innovation, emphasizing technology-based and innovation-oriented, and taking technological innovation as the foundation of the enterprise's long-term development. The company attaches great importance to R&D investment. In recent years, it has invested hundreds of millions of yuan in R&D every year, ranking among the top in the industry.
As a national high-tech enterprise and a research and development center recognized by Shenzhen Municipality, KTC has formed a relatively perfect R&D technology system after more than 20 years of continuous investment and development: KTC R&D Technical Center; It is committed to the independent innovation, gathered the elites in the panel display terminal industry, and has more than 1000 professional R&D engineers, forming a high-quality, energetic and professional R&D team. Relying on its own strong R&D capability and international R&D system, it has achieved a number of product technology patents and software R&D achievements.
R&D performance and quality inspection ability ranking among the top in the industry
KTC R&D Technical Center is responsible for the R&D of core technology and cutting-end technology, and new product development and industrial upgrading. KTC R&D technical center ranks among the top in the industry in terms of product R&D performance and quality inspection ability. The products developed and manufactured are of excellent quality, high performance price ratio, strong competitiveness in the industry, and have been recognized and respected by the industry and customers.
KTC set up an independent R&D department at the beginning of its establishment. After continuous development, it has formed a relatively perfect R&D framework system. At present, KTC R&D Technical Center has intelligent TV R&D Office, intelligent interactive display R&D Office and customized technology Office, all of which have strong R&D technical power; As an important part of KTC R&D system, the Testing and Experimental Center is responsible for the development, test and verification of KTC new products, as well as the upgrading, optimization and verification of products in the production process. The Testing and Experimental Center includes ROHS Testing Laboratory, Audio-visual Laboratory, Environmental Laboratory, Safety Energy Efficiency Laboratory, Software Verification Laboratory, Electrical Performance Testing Laboratory, ORTLife-CycleLaboratory and Component Performance Laboratory, with comprehensive testing capabilities.
After the company's continuous investment in R&D equipment, the R&D Technical Center now has hundreds of sets of professional R&D and testing equipment such as analog TV signal generator, digital TV signal generator, HDMI HD signal generator, white balance adjuster, LCD color analyzer, network test equipment, TV receiving integrated measurement system, power supply integrated tester, high and low temperature environment test box, vibration drop test box and, temperature puncher, safety tester, spectrum analyzer, lightning surge tester, static tester, CATV central signal source, integrating ball and three-dimensional.
KTC's complete R&D systems, continuous R&D investment and strength, and advanced experimental environment in the industry have laid a solid foundation for technological innovation and ensured the quality of R&D products.
Following the development trend of industrial technology
The Smart TV R&D Office, Intelligent Interactive Display R&D Office and Customized Technology Office under the R&D Technical Center are equipped with software design, product structure design, equipment circuit design, optical display design, new product research and development, information collection and product testing to ensure the R&D quality of various products.
Through years of R&D and application experience in panel displays, KTC has established a set of process research and product testing system covering all types of intelligent display technology, including product design, intelligent control board, sequential control circuit board, display driver, signal processing technology, touch control technology, power management, human-computer interaction, system integration, etc. and the company implements a set of KTC Product Life-Cycle Management system (PLM system) to coordinate R&D link, which plays an important role in reducing the overall R&D and production costs and improving the efficiency of product development.
As one of the oldestdomestic R&D enterprises in panel display, we timely follow the development trend of industrial technology, actively adjust the product R&D route, establish close technical cooperation with many well-known IC design companies in the world, and establish joint development groups, such as MTK, Realtek, MPS, ST, T1, NXP, ROCKCHIP, etc., to provide technical solutions in audio, video and power supply for our panel display terminal products.