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As an important part of the KTC R&D system, the test center shall be engaged in new product development, test and validation work, upgrading, optimizing & verifying the products in the production process, providing the research and development and technical personnel with a development & experimental environment enjoying advanced level in the industry, and laying a solid foundation for the technical innovation. The test & experiment center includes the Rohs testing laboratory, the audio-visual lab, the environmental laboratory, the safety and energy efficiency laboratory, the software validation laboratory, the electrical performance testing laboratory, ORT life laboratory, and components performance laboratory. With ceaseless investment in R&D equipment, technology center is equipped with hundreds of sets of professional testing equipment like analog TV signal generator, digital TV signal generator, HDMI high definition signal generator, the white balance adjustment device, LCD color analyzer, network tester, television receiving measurement system, power supply integrated tester, high/low temperature environment experiment box, vibration & drop tester, temperature measuring device, safety tester, spectrum analyzer, lightning surge tester, static tester, CATV central signal source, integral ball, and 3-D measuring device.